PyCharm cell mode

Compatible with PyCharm
Jan 02, 2016
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Cell mode execution for PyCharm (provides an action to send code between ## marks to the python console.

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Initial version.

General usage instructions

Installation : the easiest way to install is through pycharm builtin plugin search, accessible through Pycharm->Preferences->Plugin (and then search for "cell mode")

This provides actions to execute a python "cell" in PyCharm. A cell is delimited by ##, for example :

print 'foo'
if True:
print 'bar'
This plugin provides 3 actions under the Code menu. You can assign keyboard shortcuts to each:

  • Run Cell

  • Run Cell and go to next

  • Run Line under the caret

The cell can be sent to either :

  • the internal ipython console

  • an external ipython running in a tmux

Option 2. allows you to have a working interactive matplotlib in an external ipython process. Check the "Python Cell Mode" settings in the preferences to switch between the two modes.