Compatible with PyCharm
Dec 20, 2018
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PyCharm plugin for ptest

Easily to run/debug ptest using the standard run configuration.

Recent change notes


  • Fix that test in ptest view shows a plus icon in pycharm 2018.3.1

1.0 - 7.1

  • Show test count in PTest View.
  • Support pycharm 2018.2
  • Support navigating to test configurations.
  • Support loading property file.
  • Support namespace package.
  • Add tool window - PTest View.
  • Support right click data provided test case in run/debug panel.
  • Add gutter marker for test and test class of ptest.
  • Support group in run/debug panel.
  • Support inspecting redeclared decorated names.
  • Support rerunning the failed/skipped tests in last run.
  • Support running/debugging ptest using the standard run configuration.

General usage instructions

1. Right click your test/testclass/testmodule/testpackage in PyCharm then select Run 'ptest xxx'. 2. Click the arrow button in gutter and select Run 'ptest xxx'. 3. Select your test/testclass/testmodule/testpackage in PTest View then right click and select Run 'ptest xxx'.