Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PyCharm RubyMine GoLand
Nov 28, 2018
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EnvFile Compiled with Java 1.8 GitHub | Issues Env File is a plugin for JetBrains IDEs that allows you to set environment variables for your run configurations from one or multiple files.
Supported formats:
  • .env
  • YAML dictionary
  • JSON dictionary

All formats assume that both keys and values are strings.
Supported Platforms:
  • PyCharm
  • IDEA
  • RubyMine
  • GoLand

Recent change notes

EnvFile can substitute Jet Brains path macro references. Add an option to ignore missing files.

General usage instructions

Add a new or select existing Run/Debug configuration, switch to 'EnvFile' tab, enable 'EnvFile' checkbox, click on '+' sign to add a file