Compatible with CLion
Aug 04, 2018
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The first C++ lint plugin for Clion.

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Run on the fly when you are editing C++ source code.
Highlight corresponding lines with messages about which complains.
Cygwin/MinGW environment is supported as well.

For advanced cpplint features, such as setting project repository root for header guard checks, use the PyPI hosted cpplint at
Install this plugin.
Go to File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> cpplint option, fill in the *absolute* paths of python and
Enjoy developing!

Please note:
If you are using cygwin, use cygwin python package and fill with unix-style paths in the option panel(for example, /usr/bin/python and /home/tools/
If you are using mingw, use windows python package and fill with windows-style paths in the option panel(for example, C:\Python27\python.exe and C:\

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Compatible with 2018.2