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Sep 17, 2018
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Markdown Navigator 2.0

Markdown language support for IntelliJ platform

A Markdown plugin with GFM and a matching preview style.

Get Markdown Navigator enhanced edition to unlock all productivity features.

Document with pleasure!

Work with Markdown files like you do with other languages in the IDE, by getting full support for:

  • Paste images into documents for fast screen capture links
  • Drag & Drop files and images for fast link insertion
  • Formatting to cleanup documents with a key stroke
  • Navigation and Find Usages to find references without effort
  • Copy Markdown as JIRA, YouTrack or HTML formatted text
  • Convert HTML to Markdown by pasting it into a Markdown document.
  • Export to HTML or PDF to share with others
  • Refactoring of all referencing elements:
    • files ⟺ links
    • headings ⟺ ref anchors
    • footnotes ⟺ footnote refs
    • references ⟺ ref links/ref images
  • Completions to reduce typing:
    • link address ⇐ files
    • ref anchors ⇐ headings
    • footnote refs ⇐ footnotes
    • ref links/ref images ⇐ references
    • link text ⇐ ref anchor/link address
  • Error and Warning annotations to help catch mistakes early
  • Intention actions for fast results with less effort
  • Wrap on Typing to keep it nicely formatted as you edit
  • GitHub style rendering that you are used to, out of the box
  • GitLab parsing and rendering extensions
  • Fast typing response for distraction free editing
  • Fully customizable to adjust to your preferences and project needs


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Recent change notes

2.6.0 - Bug Fix & Enhancement Release
  • Fix: change definition indent maximum to 4, beyond which it converts the text to indented code.
  • Fix: definition formatting would not add indent removal causing contained block quote prefix to be doubled
  • Add: option to remove prefixes when joining lines
  • Fix: move code style Continuation Lines indent into Text code style panel.
  • Add: Left Justified option to ordered list style options
  • Fix: force code style parser settings to CommonMark
  • Fix: change code style sample parsing flags to modify parser flags to allow formatting all sample elements.
  • Fix: settings “Manage…” exception in DataGrip without an open project. Now uses user home dir as default directory without an open project.
  • Fix: fenced code and indented code indented with tabs would not minimize indent during formatting.
  • Fix: HTML to markdown conversion
    • Fix: #268, Pipe characters are not escaped in Table (FlexmarkHtmlParser)
      • Fix: escape pipe characters in text (to avoid accidental use as table or other markup) when not inline code nor fenced code
      • Fix: escape back ticks when inside code
      • Fix: disable escaping of [] when inside code
        • Fix: disable escaping of \ when inside code
      • Fix: replace non-break space with space when inside code
  • Fix: FlexmarkHtmlParser.BR_AS_EXTRA_BLANK_LINES now adds <br /> followed by blank line
  • Fix: JavaFx Browser initialization bug introduced by 2016.3 compatibility fix.
  • Add: “Paste HTML” button to HTML Paste Options dialog to paste HTML without conversion to markdown.
  • Fix: clean up code style formatting and preview of style changes
    • style changes are now highlighted to properly reflect the last change, not whole document reformat changes
    • prefix changes would not be applied (or formatted) if text wrap for paragraphs was disabled, affected list items, definitions, block quotes
    • block quote prefix (compact with space) always inserted space after firs > instead of last >
    • TOC with html language option would not update preview
    • Remove unused list formatting options
  • Add: link text suggestion for user label @username for GitHub user links of the form:
  • Change: remove runtime null assertions for function arguments
  • Fix: scroll sync not working in 2018.3 EAP
  • Fix: change lambdas to functions to have arguments available (causing exception in JetBrains Open JDK 1.8.0_152-release-1293-b10 x86_64
  • Add: extra diagnostic information for Swing Browser EmptyStackException
  • Fix: diagnostic/1759, kotlin arguments erroneously defined as not nullable.
  • Fix: 2016.3 compatibility
  • Fix: markdown code style settings to be created from file when available to allow IDE scope based resolution for markdown files to work properly.
  • Add: HTML Settings option Add <!DOCTYPE html> to enable/disable having doc type at top of document. Required by Katex to work.
  • Fix: update emoji icons
  • Fix: GitLab math blocks to display as blocks instead of inlines
  • Fix: disable tab overrides if there is a selection in the editor or multiple carets
  • Change: split math and chart options from GitLab so that each can be selected without GitLab extensions if GitLab extensions are not selected.
  • Add: GitLab Flavoured Markdown parsing and rendering functionality
    • Math inline using $``$ and fenced code blocks with info of math using Katex
    • Chart fenced code blocks with info of mermaid using Mermaid
    • Inserted text (underlined) via {+text+} or [+text+]
    • Deleted text (strike through) via {-text-} or [-text-]
    • Multiline block quotes using >>> at start of line to mark block start and <<< at start of line to mark block end. GFM: Multiline Blockquote
    • Video image link rendering GFM: Videos
  • Fix: disable tab override when popup is showing to allow tab to be used for completions.
  • Fix: with CommonMark list type bullet list item after ordered list and vice versa, would allow indentation in error.
  • Fix: #469, pressing tab in a empty list item should indent the list
    • added option “List item indentation” under “Tab/Backtab Overrides” which enables using tab/backtab to change list item indentation
  • Fix: #541, using tab to move to the next table cell
    • added option “Table Navigation” under “Tab/Backtab Overrides” which enables using tab/backtab to navigate table cells
  • Fix: GitHub issue completions for 2018.3 EAP
  • Fix: #577, Add feature to move table columns, added Move table column left/right
  • Fix: remove line/search highlights from plain HTML preview
  • Fix: remove auto links from spellchecking elements
  • Fix: partial fix for list item needs blank line annotation for list in block quotes
  • Fix: #610, hope can have more paste option, add HTML paste options to suppress conversion of inline and heading elements
  • Fix: #623, Directory linking occasionally broken
  • Fix: compatibility with versions 2017.
  • Fix: possibly fix diagnostic pycharm exception on migrate code settings
  • Change: update deprecated API usage
  • Change: reduce number of highlighter overlay attributes to 3609 from 8497
  • Change: update source code for 2018.2 API changes.
  • Fix: #621, plugin oom in goland, potential memory leak
  • Fix: #615, Plugin can’t initialize in multi-user setup, now temp directory .markdownNavigator is created under the user’s home directory
  • Fix: #620, Check keyboard shortcut changes wrong list item
  • Fix: #619, Create unchecked list item when pressing enter next to a line with a checked list item
  • Fix: reference paste to add line references to link text in the form: : Line # or : Lines #-#
  • Fix: diagnostic/1575, node.treeNext must not be null
  • Fix: wrong range calculation for #612 fix
  • Fix: #611, Backspace in empty check mark box deletes check mark
  • Fix: #612, Code folding eats one character for underline headers
  • Add: HTML comment folding and options
  • Fix: diagnostic, parent already disposed

General usage instructions

Install and get GitHub-like markdown with HTML preview and HTML text tabs for markdown text files.