Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm Android Studio
Jun 21, 2018
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Advanced navigation tool with multiple project trees support.
Key features
  • Multiple Project Views
  • Grouping elements without changing the structure of code
  • Custom sorting schemes
  • Code secluding (hiding or muting outer code)
  • Easy switching between projects
For more information see Armory Features page

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Recent change notes

  • Stability fixes
  • IDEA 2018.1 version compatibility changes. Other minor fixes and improvements
  • Added Kotlin in the feature list
  • Improved stability under IDEA 2016.3.2. Minor fixes
  • Fixed workspace restoring on IDEA 2016.3
  • Compatibility with IDEA 2016.3
  • Fixed crash (Write access)
  • Compatibility with IDEA 2016+
  • Fixed bug (crash when dragging)
  • Kotlin version update
  • Fixed problem with gradle files in Android Studio
  • Fixed bug with "Refresh All" action
  • PyCharm 5+ crashes fix
  • Refresh All action now reloads entire plugin
  • Kotlin: restoring cursor position in global functions
  • Kotlin: minor bugfixes
  • Fixed errors while indexing
  • Bigfixing for PyCharm
  • Prior Kotlin support
  • Added the ability to hide the Element Preview panel
  • Code secluding bugfixes
  • Auto adjusting Tree View width when expand/collapse nodes
  • Project modification time is now visible in the Project List window
  • Keymap settings as separated Configurable
  • Changing mode of Projects Opening is now available directly from Project List window
  • Fixed crash in the WebStorm
  • Workaround for unsupported platforms
  • Compatibility with IDEA 15
  • Bugfixes
  • Restoring minimized window on project activation
  • Minor improvements
  • Introduced the concept of workspace. Added the Workspace List window
  • Added the Project List window for quick switching between recent projects
  • The plugin can now run under the old Java 1.6
  • Navigation from History Window restores cursor position
  • Fixed bug: "No Sort" option didn't work in PHP classes
  • WebStorm support added
  • Fixed bug with inactive Project View buttons
  • Navigation between Project Views while indexing
  • Fixed proxy problem while error reporting
  • [Home] and [End] keys in the "Tree Views" window
  • Armory tool window made available while project indexing
  • Bug fixes and minor improvements
  • Fixed focus bugs in the non-docked mode
  • Fixed bug with updating in IDEA CE
  • Added an easy way to get trial license
  • The plugin is completely free for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition
1.0 (initial release)

General usage instructions

Armory is powerful and flexible navigation tool for Java and other languages that refines your experience with the Intellij IDEA IDE in many ways, reduces the access time to the relevant parts of the code, makes navigation faster and development more productive.  It allows quickly customize working space for a specific task by creating as many project views as needed.

Customizable Project Views Armory makes the process of creating different project views really simple. You don't need any kind of the "favorites" or "bookmarks" anymore. Just create and customize new project view in a few clicks. 
Creating new tree view by dragging:
Creating new tree view with several root elements:
Reorder project views:
Multiple roots
Any project view can contain many Root Elements inside. No metter what kind of an element do you want to add to the project view - all is possible. To add a new root to the project view just drop the element to the title area.
Adding root element to the Tree View:
Removing root element from the Tree View :
Set element as root via menu:
Grouping elements
Sometimes it is very useful to group certain elements by logic. If you don't want to create a separate class or package you can combine elements in a group. This does not affect the structure of the code, but visual perception of the class may become noticeably easier. Grouping is available not only for class members, but nearly for all types of items.
Grouping class variables:
Grouping elements:
Navigation to the editor and vice versa
With Armory you can use the entire screen area more efficiently. This is achieved by splitting into two modes: navigation mode and editing mode. In both modes, the entire area of the screen available for a specific task. Switching between these two modes by pressing Ctrl + Enter.
Switch to the editor and back: