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Nov 20, 2015
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Emacs like enhancements for IntelliJ IDEA. The new keymaps Emacs+ and Mac Emacs+:

  • Add comment commands, including a reasonable comment-dwim M-; and comment-next/previous/kill for files whose language is backed by a Psi file
  • Implement Emacs style forward-word M-f and backward-word M-b
  • Enhance C-s and C-r to support additional sub-commands on the search string, including:
    • isearch yank commands C-w, C-y, M-y and C-M-y
    • isearch history M-n and M-p
    • state toggles M-c, M-m, M-w and M-r
    • proper exiting behavior on C-g and ENTER

  • Extend the default Kill Ring behavior so that the following bindings behave as expected:
    • yank C-y, yank-pop M-y and append-next-kill C-M-w

  • Enhance C-x b to respond to more keystrokes (e.g. C-g, C-n, C-p, etc.) and use Recent Files for searches

  • Implement tri-state recenter C-l
  • Implement most of the expected case, space and transposition commands
  • Add basic movement bindings on some, but not all, tool windows
  • Add C-g on some, but not all, tool windows and dialogs
  • Add C-x 1 and C-x 0 in tool windows
  • Add Command as Meta on MacOS when using the Mac Emacs+ keymap
  • Add assorted bindings of IntelliJ commands to more closely emulate Emacs

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Recent change notes

β 0.3.200
  • Restore isearch changes after IntelliJ's backward incompatible changes in IDEA 15

  • Add back-to-indentation M-m
  • Add delete-indentation M-^ (and C-u M-^)
β 0.3.110
  • Support multiple carets in comment commands
  • Support additional movement commands on C-x b