Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 12, 2018
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Language support for FitNesse, the fully integrated standalone wiki and acceptance testing framework.

This plugin provides syntax highlighting, auto-completion and execution of FitNesse test suites all from within your IDE.

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Recent change notes


 * Support storyboard and table-template tables from HSAC plugin.


 * Fix copy/paste issue with tables in IntelliJ 2017


 * New suite page now also creates a folder for child pages, thanks to @keetron and @fhoeben.
 * New suite page will contain a !contents line.


 * Support new .wiki file format supported by FitNesse 20161106 and up
 * Support wiki page references.
   `.Absolute.PagePath`, `ChildPage`, `~ChildPage` and `SiblingPage` links are supported when used in text, not in tables.
 * The search base for fixtures now also includes libraries


 * FitNesse did hide all unused classes and methods, now only the classes and methods used by wiki pages are referenced
 * Use project scope everywhere (fixture classes used module scope)
 * Upgrade FitNesse to 20160728 (snapshot) so escaped tables with ":" notation are handled propely


 * Add option to not use the FitNesse jar bundled with the plugin when executing tests
 * Upgrade FitNesse to 20160618
 * Upgrade Scala library to 2.11.8
 * Built with Gradle 2.13


 * Update code for IntelliJ 15
 * Fix issue that caused FitNesse parser to hang when parsing !define statement inside a table


 * Fix NPE in fixture class reference code, hopefully for good now


 * Fix NPE in fixture class reference code


 * Fix Veto handler failing with NPE


 * Rename a Java class and the FitNesse reference is updated
 * Rename a Java method and the FitNesse reference is updated (decision and script table)
 * Fix Java 1.6 compliance for FitNesse formatter
 * Upgrade FitNesse to 20151230


 * Fix formatting: remove extra spacing so layout is similar to wiki


 * Refactor support for fixture classes
 * Fixed colors in FitNesse output for Darcula theme
 * Fix popup for FitNesse gutter icon
 * Fix a bunch of Null pointer exceptions


 * Fix wiki page name calculation on Windows
 * Upgrade FitNesse to 20151106-SNAPSHOT


 * Fix test execution from context menu. Now we're looking for a FitNesse root directory as parent of the wiki page.
   The root folder name can be configured in the Run configuration defaults.


 * Fix reference where decision table name refers to a scenario table
 * Fix some execution issues by ensuring the plugin version of FitNesse is takes precedence over user dependencies
 * Tags are no longer printed in test output


 * Reformat Code works for wiki pages (Ctrl-Alt-L/Cmd-Option-L)
 * Better formatting for tables during test execution
 * Library classes are referenced like fixture classes


 * Fix issue in QuickFix for class and method creation


 * Quick fixes (Alt-Enter) for fixture and fixture method creation


 * Fixes in parser (IDEA 15 compatible)
 * Editor tabs show page name


 * Auto completion for fixture classes and scenario's
 * Comment lines in script and scenario tables


 * Our build script needed some tweaks in order to render the run configuration dialog well


 * Fix issue where test execution could fail due to a NPE in the FitNesse plugin


 * Syntax highlighting
 * Links to sibling wiki pages
 * Supports Slim Decision, Query, Script, Scenario and Table tables
 * Syntax checking: warning for missing references
 * Execution of test suites, with readable console output
 * Folding of collapsible sections
 * Create wiki page action