JRebel for Android

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Oct 13, 2017
98 377

JRebel for Android accelerates the development of Android-based applications. It eliminates the time-consuming full build, install and run cycle. Save hundreds of hours of development time per year.
Plugin installation includes JRebel for Android Free and JRebel for Android Enterprise.

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Recent change notes

2.4.4 (October 13, 2017)

  • Added incremental Java compiler support for Moxy
  • Added Moxy runtime support for registering new reflector packages
  • Added Moxy runtime support for adding, removing and modifying Presenter and View bindings
  • Fixed using incorrect working directory during warmup (experimental┬╣)

┬╣ Only enabled in experimental mode. Click here to learn more.


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