Team Foundation Server - Version Control Integration

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Jun 29, 2016
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Version Control System for Team Foundation Server.

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Recent change notes
  • Due to numerous issues plugin is Compiling with IntelliJ 14.X and Java 1.6 again
  • Corrected missing native files from prior release
  • Recompiled for IntelliJ 2016.1.x
  • Corrected null error when checking out Project for first time
  • Optimization fix for VCS History
  • Corrected error at startup which caused plugin not to function on IntelliJ 15
  • More corrections to help ensure file edits properly checkout files from TFS
  • Repository tab now shows check-in history of project and/or module(s)
  • Need more work on Incoming tab so that Out-of-Date files are properly shown
  • Optimized Version Control: Local Changes view.
  • Rename/Move refactoring now properly displays in Local Changes view.
  • Removed Advanced button from Workspace editor so screen doesn't need to resize
  • Corrected issue where Reconnect Workspace dialog would fill screen vertically.
  • Corrected issue where Workspace editor dialog would overfill smaller screens.
  • Added File listener to help catch file modifications so they are properly reported to TFS
  • Get Latest version action works now.
  • Added reconnect dialog to help fix issue where local cache would become corrupted.
  • Bug fixes when using a project with multiple modules
  • Corrected issue that caused IDE to hang when using the Team Foundation Server context menu
  • Initial Release, into plugin repository
  • General usage instructions

    Team Foundation Server Integration using TFS's Java SDK.