Beaker Test Runner

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA RubyMine
Oct 31, 2017
Beaker Test Execution
For running puppet labs Beaker tests from RubyMine

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Recent change notes

V0.1.1 10/20/2015 - Fixed issues with RubyMine and JDK 1.8 - Fixed issues with incorrect discovery of working directory - Fixed issue with blank fields still appending to command line V0.1.2 10/20/2015 - Fixed issue with looking for the latest hosts file if it was in a different directory than your working directory. V0.1.2 10/31/2017 - Updated for 2017.3 support.

General usage instructions

Requires Java 1.8 JDK. If you are on Mac OS X, you need the RubyMine install that is bundled with Java 1.8: Create your Beaker configuration, then right click on ruby files or directories that contain tests within the project window and choose to run or debug them.