Concordion support

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Jan 14, 2018
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This plugin provides support such as autocompletion, navigation between spec files, go to declaration and renaming for testing framework.
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Require idea 14.1+ with JUnit plugin running on jdk 8 (project may use any jdk)

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Recent change notes

Version 0.12

  • Fixes issue #15 and #16
  • Drop support for markdown plugin as it is no longer available in idea repository
Version 0.11.1
  • Fixes issue #13 to be compatible with idea 2017 with scala plugin installed
Version 0.11
  • Better example name handling
Version 0.10.1
  • Updates to support newer groovy plugin
  • Updates to support newer markdown navigator plugin
Version 0.10
  • Create spec and fixture dialog
  • Better type resolving
  • Rename and delete paired concordion file (could be disabled in concordion settings)
  • Markdown navigator integration
Version 0.9
  • Better syntax support for concordion expressions in md specs
  • Groovy test fixture support
  • Scala test fixture support
  • Improved cache
Version 0.8
  • Configuring plugin to use only spinal-case or CamelCase commands
  • Surround with Concordion action
  • Better concordion icons with hd version for retina screens
  • Guess names and types while creating fields and methods from usage
Version 0.7
  • Updated icons to fit concordion 2.0
  • Minor issues fixed
Version 0.6
  • Beta support for markdown specs with Markdown plugin
  • Supported by idea 2016
Version 0.5.1
  • Beta support for markdown specs with Markdown support plugin
  • Support for xhtml specs
Version 0.5
  • Same distribution of plugin for idea 14 and 15
  • Minor issues fixed
Version 0.4
  • Support for extensions (screenshot, executeifonly, embed)
  • OGNL map and list syntax support
  • Minor issues fixed
Version 0.3
  • Number of issues fixed (detection of concordion spec and fixture #7, extra namespace added #6, caching issue)
  • Better resolving of overloaded methods
  • Better error message for unresolved fields and usages
  • Guess types of arguments while creating method from usage
  • Supported by idea 15
Version 0.2
  • Autocomplete with spec variables
  • Better ognl expression type derivation
  • Run concordion spec from HTML file
Version 0.1
  • Autocomplete with concordion commands
  • Autocomplete with members of the fixture
  • Autocomplete chains with members
  • Navigation between concordion html spec and test fixture using concordion icon and navigation action (ctrl + shift + s)
  • Ctrl+click navigation and usages search for concordion expressions
  • Quick fields and methods creation from usages
  • Renaming support