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Jan 03, 2018
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ChroMATERIAL is a color scheme that expresses the chromatic nature of Material Design within IntelliJ and Android Studio. In particular, ChroMATERIAL focuses on syntax highlighting of code within the IDE's code editor. It's uniqueness lies in the idea of "enhance influence, not banality"

  • Color Schemes: Default (dark), Darcula-compatible, Darker
  • Supported Languages: Java, Kotlin, Groovy, XML, JSON, HTML, Regex, YAML
  • Supported Features: Android, Android Manifest, Android Resources, Android Native (C / C++), Gradle, Logcat, Files, Property Files, Version Control, Debugger, Diff, XSLT, XPATH, Ignore Files*, Markdown*

* - via Plugin

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Recent change notes

  • Updated Support: Debugger

  • Notable changes:

    • Fixed Stack Frame colors for Frames not on the top.
    • Fixed Evaluated Expression Text on hover.