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Jan 15, 2019
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Bitbucket Linky provides easy navigation to and interaction with Atlassian Bitbucket.

Please note that Linky is not officially supported by Atlassian.

Linky automatically detects repositories hosted on Bitbucket Cloud or Bitbucket Server. Both Git and Mercurial repositories are supported. In most cases, no configuration is required. However, if Linky can't detect your repository automatically, you can manually point it to the repository in the IDE settings.

Linky uses Git integration and hg4idea plugins to integrate with Git and Mercurial, respectively. These plugins come with every JetBrains IDE, but you might need to enable them in order to use Bitbucket Linky actions. Both dependencies are optional though, so you can enable only one for the VCS you are using.

Copy the link / Open in the Browser

Copies or opens a link to the selected file or commit in Bitbucket. Provides an easy way to generate link to a specific place in the code or to navigate to your repository from the IDE.

  • Copy link: Ctrl+Shift+X,C on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,C on Mac
  • Open in Browser: Ctrl+Shift+X,B on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,B on Mac
  • Files opened in the editor, including historical versions. Selected lines are included in the link
  • Editor tabs
  • Files in the Project tree tool window
  • Files in the commit details panel in the Version Control tool window
  • Files shown in the diff window
  • Commits in the annotation gutter
  • Commits in the VCS log shown in the Version Control tool window
  • Pull Requests in the Related Pull Requests tool window
Linky will show a warning if the link you created is pointing to a commit that has not been pushed yet.

Find related Pull Requests

Shows a list of all Pull Requests which include the selected commit.

This action is available for Bitbucket Cloud repositories only.
  • Commits in the annotation gutter
  • Commits in the VCS log shown in the Version Control tool window
Authentication with Bitbucket Cloud is required. Linky will suggest to configure OAuth when you trigger this action for the first time. OAuth refresh and access tokens will be saved in your IDE's preferred password storage.

Open Pull Request creation page in the Browser

Opens the Pull Request creation page in Bitbucket with pre-filled source and target branches. Source branch will be the branch your local repository is at, target branch will be either the default repository branch, or the branch you manually set for this repository in the Linky configuration.

  • Ctrl+Shift+X,P on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,P on Mac
  • Anywhere in the project via the shortcut if the project contains only one repository hosted on Bitbucket
  • Otherwise, only on current (non-historical) versions of the files in your repository, including editor tabs and Project tree

Create a Snippet

Creates a Snippet on Bitbucket Cloud with selected files and/or lines within file.

  • Ctrl+Shift+X,S on Windows / Cmd+Shift+X,S on Mac
  • Files opened in the editor, including historical versions. If some lines are selected, only they will be saved into the Snippet
  • Editor tabs
  • Files in the Project tree tool window
Authentication with Bitbucket Cloud is required. Linky will suggest to configure OAuth when you trigger this action for the first time. OAuth refresh and access tokens will be saved in your IDE's preferred password storage.

Usage stats

Bitbucket Linky collects information about your usage of the features it provides and reports this information back to the author of the plugin via Amplitude. This information is used to get insights on how Linky is used so that it can be improved to provide better value in the future. This information is anonymous and doesn't contain any personal data.


Huge thanks to Brent Plump, Zaki Salleh and Piotr WilczyƄski!

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Recent change notes

6.3: released on 15.01.2019

  • Fix: Commit URL for Bitbucket Cloud
  • Fix: Intermittent snippet creation error
  • Change: Handle revoked OAuth tokens
  • Change: Handle OAuth access token leeway
  • 6.2: released on 10.01.2019

    • Change: Avoid retrying failing probe requests during detection
    • Fix: HTTP client lifecycle
    • Fix: Broken Bitbucket Server registry

    6.1: released on 15.12.2018

    • Fix: Error on Bitbucket Server discovery

    6.0: released on 14.12.2018

    • Change: Improve generated links rich text to use selected text when it's useful
    • Change: Integrate with the new related PR lookup service
    • Fix: Respect IDE proxy settings when making requests
    • Fix: Show SSL certificate review dialog when got one which is signed by an unknown Certificate Authority
    • New: Report anonymous usage statistics (version install & upgrade, actions triggered)

    5.2: released on 09.10.2018

    • Change: Generated links are copied to clipboard as rich text

    5.1: released on 24.05.2018

    • Fix: Wrong commit link created in VCS tool window in IJ 2018.x
    • Fix: Restore Linky actions in the VCS tool window changes browser
    • Fix: Wrong message when PR links of a repository are being indexed

    5.0: released on 27.11.2017

    • New: Create Bitbucket Snippet action
    • Change: The action that triggered OAuth dance is resumed after OAuth is configured
    • Change: Simplify link configuration settings

    4.2: released on 20.11.2017

    • Change: Brand new icons
    • New: Double click on the related Pull Request opens it in the Browser
    • Fix: Handle Pull Requests with unknown author (e.g. deleted user)

    4.1: released on 27.10.2017

    • Fix: Crash on missing optional dependency
    • Fix: Speed up revision status check for Git repositories
    • Fix: Wrong revision status warning for commit actions

    4.0: released on 25.10.2017

    • New: Find related Pull Requests action
    • Change: Update Bitbucket icons

    3.6: released on 12.10.2017

    • Fix: Discovery of a wrong Bitbucket instance type
    • Fix: Crash on certain type of Git remote repository URL format
    • Fix: Update plugin description to mention dependencies on Git and Mercurial plugins

    3.5: released on 12.09.2017

    • Fix: Compatibility issues with Hg plugin
    • New: Create Pull Request action is available in VCS tool window for projects with single repository
    • New: Linky warns if link was created for a commit that has not been pushed to the remote
    • Change: Low level logs of HTTP requests during Bitbucket discovery

    3.4: released on 06.05.2017

    • Fix: Remote selection algorithm in case of multiple registered remotes is now deterministic
    • New: Configurable remote selection strategy: automatic selection or fixed remote
    • New: Linky actions added to the VCS log, changes viewer and diff viewer

    3.3: released on 22.03.2017

    • New: Linky actions available in older revisions of a file

    3.2: released on 02.03.2017

    • Fix: Compatibility issues with IntelliJ 2016.1 and 2016.2

    3.1: released on 23.02.2017

    • Fix: Branch name escaping in Create Pull Request link
    • Fix: File line reference in Commit link for Bitbucket Cloud

    3.0: released on 19.02.2017

    • New: Copy commit link action
    • New: Configuration screens for manual linking to Bitbucket instance
    • New: Configurable default target branch for Create pull request action
    • Change: Update action icons
    • Change: Revamp discovered hosting properties storage
    • Change: Change the way Bitbucket is discovered

    2.4: released on 05.09.2016

    • Fix: Handle special characters in branch name (applicable to 'Create Pull Request' action)
    • New: Support git:// protocol scheme

    2.3: released on 26.05.2016

    • New: Introduced 'Create Pull Request' action

    2.2: released on 04.03.2016

    • Fix: Revert changes to line number inclusion/exclusion

    2.1: released on 30.01.2016

    • Fix: Fix URL construction on Windows
    • Fix: Fix Hg repositories discovery
    • New: Bitbucket Cloud development environment support

    2.0: released on 27.01.2016

    • New: Include the selected file and line in the link to the Commit view
    • Change: Improve text selections handling
    • Change: Link points to the commit hash instead of the branch name, whenever possible
    • Change: Optimize hosting application discovery process

    1.6: released on 15.01.2016

    • Fix: Optional dependencies on Git and Hg plugins
    • Fix: Support spaces and other special characters in file path
    • Change: User-centric URL for Bitbucket Server personal projects

    1.5: released on 01.01.2016

    • New: Bitbucket actions are available during indexing time
    • Fix: Support for multiple mercurial repositories within one project
    • Fix: Bitbucket actions are disabled for ignored and untracked files

    1.4: released on 19.11.2015

    • Fix: Support for more types of remote URLs.

    1.3: released on 17.11.2015

    • New: Bitbucket rediscovery attempts
    • Change: First keystroke of shortcuts mapped to Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+X

    1.2: released on 03.11.2015

    • Fix: Mercurial commit hash handling
    • Change: Shortcuts have single second keystroke

    1.0: released on 03.11.2015

    • New: 'Copy link' and 'Open' actions for files and 'Open' action for commits shown in the gutter