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Dec 05, 2015
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Absolutely awesome plugin which you can't code without. Don't hesitate, download perfect multifunctional Tempore Plugin with plenty of exiting features.

  • Helps you to check how much time you spend on your projects.

  • Reminds you to take a rest if you code for a long time.

  • Automatically stops if you are out of work for more than
    five minutes and resumes when you are back.

  • You can also stops or resume it manually, just as you want.

  • Draws charts to show how much time you spend per day.
    • It's Red , if it's less than 4 hours.
    • Yellow , if it's between 4 and 8 hours.
    • Green , if it's more than 8 hours.
Just install the plugin and let it track the time.

To open Statistics Dialog click the clock-widget on the Status Bar (look at the picture).

I'm trying to create some helpful stuff for this IDE, so
for me it's more than important to get some feedback from you,
Please text me, if you want something to be improved or changed.
Hope you like it.

Code with pleasure.

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Recent change notes

- Updated GUI - Data export - Settings - More statistics

General usage instructions

Plugin is free to use, but you can always support the project. W3Schools
To open Statistics panel just click clock icon on the Status Bar. If statistics contains more than five days you can switch between charts. Use switch arrows. To stop or resume tracking manually use "stop" and "resume" buttons. To search for a chart by date use search field in format yyyy-mm-dd.