Spj Plugin

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion Gogland DataGrip Rider Android Studio
Custom language plugin for 101NEO framework.
This plugin is the most sophisticated environment for developing 101NEO framework.

  • Completion and Annotations depending on Neo version and .prj settings
  • Syntax highlights
  • Changing highlight color settings
  • basic code formatting and indent
  • Structure view

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Recent change notes

(2017/05/25) v1.1.0: Support "try" blocks fo Neo4.
(2017/05/07) v1.0.6: Add some annotations.
(2017/04/03) v1.0.5: Add Completion for SpjDocs.
(2017/03/23) v1.0.4: Support IDEA 2017.1.
(2017/03/22) v1.0.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2017/03/21) v1.0.1: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/03/20) v1.0.0: Support Neo4. Support Preferences to specify Neo version and .prj file for the project.
(2016/10/28) v0.6.2: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/08/25) v0.6.1: Support SpjDocs at the head of procedure blocks.
(2016/08/06) v0.5.7: Add support for new built-in functions. Fixed some bugs.
(2016/08/01) v0.5.6: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/28) v0.5.5: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/27) v0.5.4: Add folding support for.procedure blocks
(2016/07/26) v0.5.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/12) v0.5.2: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/07/08) v0.5.1: Add "Find Usage" for procedures and Commenter.
(2016/07/08) v0.5.0: Add "Go To Declaration" for calling procedures.
(2016/06/22) v0.4.5: Add support for new libraries(hash, csv, json).
(2016/02/26) v0.4.4: Fixed some bugs.
(2016/02/10) v0.4.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/12/16) v0.4.2: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/12/10) v0.4.1: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/12/10) v0.4.0: Add auto completion for variables and arguments in the same file
(2015/11/24) v0.3.3: Fixed some bugs.
(2015/11/21) v0.3.2: Fixed some bugs. Add annotation on calling undefined procedures
(2015/11/19) v0.3.1: Fixed some bugs
(2015/11/17) v0.3.0: Structure View and auto completion for user-defined procedures
(2015/11/16) v0.2.1: Bug fix & add support for new built-in functions
(2015/11/15) v0.2.0: Auto Completion support for built-in commands and functions
(2015/11/01) v0.1.0: first release