IDEA Mind Map

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Mar 03, 2019
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IDE-integrated mind map editor, it is ported version of the NetBeans Mind Map editor. It allows to create and edit mind maps represented by MMD files. The Editor allows to keep simple text notes, web links and links to files just in mind map topics.

Recent change notes

1.4.5 (03-mar-2019)

  • pressed CTRL during export makes export into system clipboard
  • #50 fixed exception in IDEA 2019.1
  • Reworked MindMup import-export
  • Improved import from FreeMind XHTML format
  • #48 Paste plain text to add a new node
  • #17 improved procesing of fold/unfold keyboard shortcuts to fold and unfold all children

1.4.4 (04-aug-2018)

  • #46 improved map model save procedure to not encode national charsets into URL format
  • added support of line number in file link through pattern [file_path]:[line_number]
  • #15 added node search panel usually activated by CTRL+F
  • increased number of emoticons
  • #45 improved security in XML import
  • added extra logic to check edited content to prevent false model change event

1.4.3 (01-may-2018)

  • increased step of scroll and decreased step of scale in panel
  • added special icon for mailto scheme in URI
  • fixed processing of drag'n'drop URL files from browsers under Windows
  • Fixed processing of project root in maven multi-project workspace
  • Improved emoticon panel to increase slected icon visibility
  • Fixed non-processed exception "Clipboard is busy"
  • Fixed exception if turn off option disable .projectKnowledge folder autocreation in proect facet

1.4.2 (25-feb-2018)

  • Added paper render quality option
  • #36 fixed line break processing in topic title editor under Mac OS
  • #35 added `Use Project base folder as relative path root` option to facet (by default it uses Module folder)
  • #34 added logic to interpret zero-length MMD file as an empty mind map file with root.
  • #33 added configuration flag to trim entered topic text, "Trim topic text before set`"
  • added exporter for AsciiDoc
  • #31 Imrpoved FreeMind compatibility to support 1.0.1 FreeMind format
  • #30 Remember setting in "add file"
  • #29 Remember per session last used directory for files
  • Added standard text pop-up menu into text fields of both File dialog and URI dialog.
  • Added select mode with pressed SHIFT

1.4.1 (30-sep-2017)

  • Removed use of javax.xml.bind.DatatypeConverter to make compatible with Java 9
  • Improved print preview panel
  • Reworked processing of print preview, removed buffered image use
  • Changed default shortcuts for MacOS, fixed processing of space button
  • Fixed D'n'D processing of topics
  • fixed issue "Project Project (Disposed) test already disposed" #25

1.4.0 (18-dec-2016)

  • plugin adapted for compatibility with 14.0.5 (139.1803)
  • added importers for Mindmup, Freemind, Novamind, Coggle and XMind formats
  • disabled watching of file changes by default, added options flag to enable that
  • added support of Cut-Copy-Paste actions over Mind Maps
  • added reset button into URI edit dialog
  • added processing of dragged links and texts from external web browsers
  • improved image plugin to import images from clipboard and max edge size inceased up to 350 pixels
  • improved mind-map options panel, added functions to reset, import and export settings.
  • export into Org-Mode format #24
  • by default disabled autocreation of .projectKnowledge folder #23
  • added keyboard shortcuts to fold and unfold topics (- and =) #18
  • added attribute in mind map templates to show jumps by default
  • added auto-positioning of root topic into center of view area just as document open

1.3.0 (01-sep-2016)

  • added plugin to add an image into a topic
  • changed Plugin API
  • fixed casual d'n'd topic operations through click over its fold-unfold icon
  • added export into SVG image format
  • fixed issue #22, added key short-cut into options to tune "next line char" for topic text editor, by default SHIFT+ENTER

1.2.0 (05-jun-2016)

  • Minimal supported API version changed to 143.2370
  • fixed issue #16, Added default key board shortcut to open popup context menu, CTRL+ALT+SPACE
  • Added loading of custom plugins from folder defined through nbmmd.plugin.folder property
  • Added plugin "Emoticons"
  • Added importer from text files written in style [text2mindmap](
  • Added key board shortcuts to add focused items during focus move
  • Added key board shortcuts for zooming in, out and resetting zoom.
  • fixed issue #10 "In Select topic dialog; Fold All only closes the root node"
  • fixed issue #9 "Cannot find configurable: com.igormaznitsa.ideamindmap.settings.MindMapSettingsComponent"
  • fixed issue #11 "Can't create topic with hash char"
  • reworked mind map format parser to make it compatible with PSI tree parser in IDEA
  • code refactoring, inside API reworked to plugin based one

1.0.4 (21-feb-2016)

  • improved PNG exporter to save images without background and with all unfolded topics
  • added graphical print support into the IDEA plugin
  • added tuning of key modifiers to activate scaling with mouse wheel
  • fixed icons in color choosing buttons in IDEA version under Retina
  • improved mind map panel, now clicking on '+' of a topic with pressed CTRL will open only 1th level children
  • improvements of stability in work with DnD operations

1.0.3 (29-nov-2015)

  • added "Knowledge" view into Project pane to show separately .projectKnowledge folder content
  • fixed incompatibility of the Settings panel with OpenJDK
  • Improved processing of DnD operations to avoid NPE for objects without file references
  • The Plugin enabled in all Intellij Products

1.0.2 (22-nov-2015)

  • Improved opening of file link
  • Added option into facet to disable auto-generation of .projectKnowledge folder in the root
  • Added key shortcuts tuning
  • Added missed JSON library (it made error during Mindmup export)
  • Minimal supported IDEA version changed to 13 (build 133), still needs Java 7+ for work

1.0.1 (was not released)

  • Byte-code version of compiled classes downshifted to Java 6.
  • Removed slf4j to increase compatibility

1.0.0 (15-nov-2015)

  • Initial version (ported functionality of the NB 1.1.1 version, without refactoring support)