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May 24, 2016
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Code Generation:
- Service Injector: Inject Symfony2 services via annotations (@InjectParams)
- Service Test Generator: Generate test skeleton for Symfony2 services
- API Doc adder: Add API docs quickly

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Recent change notes


Service Test Generator:

  • Fixed namespace issue
  • No longer imports primitive types ("use string")

Service Test Generator:

  • Now uses the same field names and same letter case as the original class instead of making its own
  • Now makes sure to create a field for each of the constructor's parameters (even if they are not a service) so that the constructor works...
  • Fixed a bug where it could not identify the correct constructor
  • Fixed a bug where it would generate gibberish if the constructor parameters did not have strict typing

Service Injector:

  • Now works by manipulating PSI elements instead of Regex, which made things much more consistent and less buggy
  • Now takes an optional second word for the service name that will be used as the field name for the injected service
  • Now automatically looks up the service class and imports it via a 'use' statement
  • Fixed a bug that, when injecting a service, would not let you autocomplete using the newly injected service