Environment Variables in Path Variables

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Nov 28, 2015

An IntelliJ IDEA plugin to automatically add environment variables to Path Variables.

Environment variable are added to Path Variables with "env." prefix to avoid collisions.

To reload the environment variables loaded:
Tools -> Reload Environment Variables in Path Variables.

Not all environment variables are added:
Intellij IDEA automatically checks for any thing it will save from the project data that has a matched value in Path Variables, and if it found one, it will replace the value with the Path Variable name automatically. Since some environment variables may be a number or a name as a result Intellij may wrongly use this Path Variable instead of the actual number.

For example, when adding all the environment variables and inspecting a project's iml file, this was found
<module type="PLUGIN_MODULE" version="$env.NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS$">
while it should have been
<module type="PLUGIN_MODULE" version="4">

Intellij has found that there's a Path Variable $env.NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS$ that has the value "4", so it automatically replaced the "version" value with the variable's name.

To overcome this issue, the value of the environment variable is checked against a regex that is modifiable at USERHOME/.IdeaIC14/config/options/options.xml at property with name "envVarsInPathVars.regexFilter". There are currently no gui to change this setting.

The default regex filter is ".*_HOME" because it became a convention for the environment variable name of a library or a software installation path.

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Implemented version 1.0.