D Language

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Mar 24, 2018
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Support for the D Language.

Also adds support for using the dub build tool.

Project available on Github.

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Recent change notes

  • Compatibility IntelliJ 2018.1
  • Processing D libraries now takes place in the background
  • UI for D Tools has been updated and moved to Settings > Languages and Frameworks
  • Various bug fixes
v1.15 - v1.15.4
  • reworked code folding
  • Structure View (1.15.2)
  • various bug fixes
  • added experimental debugger support using GDB

General usage instructions

DLanguage is a custom language plugin for Intellij that provides an IDE integration for the D Language. It adds syntax highlighting, auto-completion, integration with common D tools, and experimental debugging support via GDB