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Nov 03, 2018
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For now only one very useful function: Slicy file mover/renamer.

Plugin website: Plugin Developer’s Toolbox GitHub Repo

Bug tracking & feature requests: Plugin Developer’s Toolbox GitHub Issues

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Recent change notes

1.1.6 - Bug Fix
  • Fix: plugin project settings were instantiated as service instead of project component.
1.1.4 - Fix 2016.3 Compatibility
  • Fix: enable/disable setting was ignored
1.1.2 - Fix 2016.3 Compatibility
  • Fix: 2016.3 compatibility
  • Change: since build to 2016.3
1.1.0 - Add Project Settings
  • Add Project settings to enable plugin operation. Disabled by default.
1.0.7 - Minor Tweaks & Bug Fix
  • Fix: slicy files in newly created directories that ended in _dark@2x but did not equal this string would not be properly processed.
1.0.6 - Minor Tweaks & Bug Fix
  • Add: different color to newly created files
  • Fix: slicy files in newly created directories would be ignored unless the directory name was used as a splice to the file name.
1.0.5 - Bug Fix
  • Add: skipping of files whose content has not changed to prevent unnecessary VCS caused thrashing.
1.0.4 - Bug Fix
  • Add: META-INF to distribution zip
  • Fix: #3, When a file in a subdirectory is first created by Slicy plugin gives an erroneous warning that file move failed
  • Fix: #4, Need to have sticky balloon notifications if they contain errors
  • Change: update Kotlin runtime to 1.0.0-release-IJ143-70
  • Change: only files located under the project base directory will be processed, otherwise multiple open projects would attempt to process the same files. Now only the project that contains the files under its base directory will process the files.
1.0.3 - Min Java Version Fix & Kotlin Runtime
  • Add: plugin version number to notification title
  • Fix: min java version 1.6
  • Add: Kotlin run-time jars to distribution
1.0.2 - Bug Fix
  • Fix: #2, Change delete/rename and delete/copy operations used to process slicy files into copy contents then delete slicy generated file. Otherwise the files can become un-tracked under VCS because they were deleted.
1.0.1 - Bug Fix and Notification Cleanup
  • Fix: #1, Handling of one level directory nesting of Slicy generated directories.
  • Change: Cleaned up notification of nested files to be useful and cleaner, initial one looked more like a debug trace than a notification
  • Add: Screenshot to plugin information and readme files
1.0.0 - Initial Release
  • Add: Slicy file renamer: from slicy's _dark@2x.ext to @2x_dark.ext format of IntelliJ
  • Add: Slicy file mover: move files created with sub-directory layer groups to files for IntelliJ icon naming conventions. see Readme

General usage instructions

Install and it will kick into action when new files appear that it needs to process. It will notify you each time it completes file renaming or moves.