Compatible with AppCode
Jun 16, 2016

Plugin that brings support for QuickLook in the debugger, similar to Xcode's content renderers. This is currently somewhere between alpha and beta, and I would be happy to receive bug reports on the projects Github page. The plugin will insert a "QuickLook" link next to supported variables in the debugger, clicking it will bring up the QuickLook content viewer for that type. Currently supported are the following types:

  • UIImage, NSImage, NSBitmapImageRep
  • UIImageView, NSImageView
  • UIColor, NSColor
  • UIView, NSView
  • CALayer (iOS only)
  • UIBezierPath
  • CLLocation
  • Custom classes that implement debugQuickLookObject and which return one of the above objects
  • The plugins source code is available under the MIT license on Github

    Download plugin

    Recent change notes

    • Fixed support for AppCode 2016.2 EAP 2
    • Added support for NSURL
    • Added support for CLLocation
    • Added support for CALayer (iOS only)
    • Major UI improvement: A QuickLook "link" is now displayed in the debugger similar to how IntelliJ IDEA does it. Clicking it will bring up the QuickLook
    • All values are now lazily evaluated and cached, resulting in major performance improvements
    • Fixed AppCode 2016.1 crash
    • Removed behaviour that would stop child descriptions from being printed
    • Initial release