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Aug 02, 2017
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cppcheck plugin for CLion.

Runs cppcheck on the fly while you write code.
Highlights lines and displays cppcheck error messages.
Supports passing options to cppcheck.

Install the Cppcheck analysis tool ( not bundled with this plugin).
Install the cppcheck plugin.
File -> Settings -> Other Settings -> cppcheck configuration.
Fill in the absolute path of the cppcheck executable (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Cppcheck\cppcheck.exe, /usr/bin/cppcheck, etc).

Known issues:
Cppcheck is not designed to be run on header files (.h) directly, as must be done for this plugin, and as a result may have false positives.
When run on header files directly, Cppcheck defaults to C as the language, which will generate false positives for C++ projects. C++ projects should append --language=c++ to the cppcheck options.

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Recent change notes

1.0.8 Fix handling Cppcheck errors that span multiple lines.