Monkey C (Garmin Connect IQ)

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jul 23, 2017

Unofficial support for Monkey C language and Garmin Connect IQ SDK.


  • Monkey C grammar validation
  • Syntax highlighting
  • (WIP) Completion suggestions
  • (WIP) Find usages / Go to declaration
  • (WIP) Find by class or symbol name
  • (WIP) API documentation provider
  • (WIP) Method parameters info
  • (WIP) Integration with compiler
  • (WIP) Integration with simulator runner
  • (WIP) Run unit tests
  • (WIP) New project generation
  • (WIP) App Settings support
  • (WIP) Linux support (needs wine installed)


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Recent change notes


  • Fix parsing SDK 2.3.1 documentation (issue #7) - Thanks to datnguyen87
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General usage instructions

Still early in development. Reference searching is very basic and not context-sensitive. Easy to get errors if module is not correctly configured (e.g sources and resources).