CLion clang-tidy integration

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Mar 28, 2018
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This plugin provides an user interface within CLion to easily use clang-tidy on your project's sources. Results will be displayed within an intuitive UI which allows to select and apply single changes to your project.

clang-tidy is part of CLang, the C/C++/ObjectiveC compiler backend of LLVM.

When running clang-tidy, it performs a static code analysis to find some common issues and code style violations and provides fixes which can be applied to your code.

Some checks of clang-tidy, formerly known as clang-modernize, checks for code constructs, which can be converted into modern C++11 syntax. For example this includes:

  • converting iterator based or index based for loops into range based foreach loops
  • adding the override keyword to overridden functions in subclasses
  • replacing NULL macros with nullptr
  • replacing function arguments to match the pass-by-value idiom to gain advantage from new move semantics

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migrated to CLion 2018.1