SQLScout (SQLite Support)

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Jan 23, 2018
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First-class SQLite support for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.

View, manage and update SQLite databases in your Android device ( in real time) and file system, from Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA.

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Recent change notes

Version 4.0.0
  • Support for database views.
  • Ability to save BLOBs as local files.
  • "File saved" notifications (SQL files, diagrams and BLOBs) now include a link to reveal the saved file in the system's file manager.
  • Support for SQLScout Server 4.0.0, which replaces XML with FlatBuffers for client/server communication in "Live Device" connections. This change fixes several bugs related to String encodings, invalid XML characters present in database columns, and BLOB handling.
  • Added support for automatically adding SQLScout Server and the IDEScout Maven repository to build.gradle files.
  • Fixed deadlock in IDE when attempting to create a new "Live Device" connection.
  • Fixed bug where "Room Migration" action was never enabled if the initial database sync failed to find ADB.
  • Fixed bug in "Room Migration" where migration got interrupted when project contained Kotlin code.
Version 3.3.1
  • "Room Migration" wizard now works with projects that do not have a root module.
  • Database Console can now delete and update rows in tables without primary keys.
Version 3.3.0
  • Added support for executing SQL statements inside Room's @Query annotation.
  • "Room Migration" wizard now can handle column names that are Java or Kotlin keywords.
  • Added support for executing parameterized SQL statements.
  • Added support for expressions using 'IN' operator.
  • Improved code completion for subqueries.
Version 3.2.0
  • Added support for automated migration to Android's Room persistence library.
Version 3.1.2
  • Added support for Android Studio 3.0.1.
Version 3.1.1
  • Fixed plugin jar timestamp issue.
Version 3.1.0
  • Added ability to connect to any database in an Android device, from the 'Device File Explorer' view.
  • Now it is possible to download database files from devices using Android 7 or later.
  • Android database files can now be downloaded to a user-specified folder.
  • Better error messages for failed license validations.
Version 3.0.0
  • Compatible with Android Studio 3.0.0.
  • Port used for 'Live Database' connection is now configurable.
  • Improvements to SQL editor:
    • Added support for comments.
    • Improved support for subqueries.
    • Added support for 'between' operator.
    • Added support for 'when' operator.
Version 2.0.8
  • Compatible with Android Studio 2.3.0.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.7
  • Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.6
  • Support for Android 7 (Nougat.)
  • Now 'Live Device Connection' can handle large tables (e.g. 20,000 records.)
  • Fixed handling of null values.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.5
  • Compatible with Android Studio 2.2.0.
  • Bug fixes.
Version 2.0.4
  • Unified "trial" and "registered" versions. Users no longer need to download 2 versions of the plugin.
Version 2.0.3
  • Fixed license number check.
Version 2.0.2
  • Minor bug fixes.
Version 2.0.1
  • Fixed assertion error thrown when querying an empty table from the 'SQLite Explorer'.
Version 2.0.0
  • Added ability to manage and update databases in Android devices, in real time.
  • Editor gutter now displays an "Execute Statement" action next to each SQL statement.
  • Bug fixes.