Pepper SDK

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 18, 2019
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Create robot applications in Android Studio!
This plugin allows for the development of the Pepper robot right inside of Android Studio. Your Android know-how is immediately applicable to the growing field of robotics! You can use your knowledge and understanding of Java to create robot applications, or modify your current Android applications to work in the real-world using the lovable, expressive power of Pepper. Easily re-use sample animations, or create robot animations in a simple and easy-to-understand animation timeline. Bring your experience and know-how to life on this revolutionary and powerful new platform, made available by SoftBank Robotics, powered by Android.

  • Immediately use your Android programming know-how in the field of robotics, without having to learn new programming languages or complicated methodologies

  • Combine Android APIs with Pepper-specific APIs to unite the power of Android with robotics and bring your applications to life in a new and exciting real-world environment

  • Utilize hundreds of pre-programmed animations, or create your own unique animations in a simple timeline

  • Use the Android Virtual Device emulator to display a virtual Pepper, allowing for programming and debugging all on your computer. No actual robot required!

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Who is Pepper?
Pepper if the first mass-produced commercial robot in the world. Utilizing a combination of touch sensors, cameras, and 3D-sensing, Pepper seamlessly interacts with the world around him. His omnidirectional wheels allow for fluid movement, and 20 motorized joints create beautiful, human-like movement not seen on any other robot available on the market today. Capable of fluid conversation, Pepper also comes equipped with a chest display powered by Android, allowing for smooth, entertaining, and educational human-robotic interaction. For more information on Pepper, please see

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