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Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 21, 2017
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    It is an excellent extension of this plugin that together will allow you to organize important tabs for instance to the very left, and once pinned, they will always stay there.

Pin a tab in Intellij has long been a functionality that only have effect when you " close all tabs but pinned".
Finally, after waiting many years for this functionality, we decided to create a plugin that allow you to prevent a pinned tab from closing .
This means that you can pin your most important and frequently used tabs and files and be sure they don't just disappear when you are closing down all other files and clutter that's often the result when navigating classes, interfaces and files just to have a peek. The pinned ones will always stay there, until you unpin them.
When this and move tab left and right using the keyboard plugin are used together, you could pin the most important and frequently used files, then move the pinned tabs to the left corner using the keyboard and they will always stay there! You always know now where your files and tabs are located. There is no need to bring up that dialog to search for it, just to make the switch because you can't find it among all opened tabs!
This also means that groups won't accidentally be closed down if at least one tab/file is pinned. So now you can keep your css, js groups and they won't disappear.
Another feature with this plugin is when you are trying to close a pinned tab, it will switch to the next unpinned tab, allowing you to quickly navigate unpinned ones, and close them down and move to the next.
A big productivy booster, you'll see! Managing and ordering your files and tabs is essential for productivity. Firefox showed the way in 2000 but there is still long way to go. We will continue to release plugins targeting this exact area. Productivity for all developers. It's our passion.
So set your keyboard shortcut for pin tab if you haven't already and this plugin will take care of the rest!
We also recommendto turn on settings: When closing active editor -> Activate most recently closed tab Open new tabs at the end   -> Check That way the plugin will work in a consistent and predictable manner, and your tabs will always stay organized.

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Recent change notes

  • Fix due to Intellij update break, as usual thus making tabs closing when a keyboard shortcut is repeated frequently, usually by holding down the keys.
    Hotkey and menu Close now acts as the old school close. Please map Close Unless Pinned as a shortcut instead.
    Close All and Close All Editors But Active will still refuse to close pinned ones though.