Bytecode Editor

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Nov 08, 2017
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Provides View | Edit Bytecode action for those who learns JVM internals.

Based on ByteCode Viewer by JetBrains but is better:

  • it uses an editor tab instead of a popup
  • it allows you to edit bytecode assembler and assemble edited code back into .class files
  • it provides default hotkey for bytecode analysis: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B

Based on ASM6.

It's a very gloomy tool. WIP.


  • Support for ASM Textifier representation
  • Support for ASM Textifier representation assembling
  • Check Jasmin compatibility with recent class file versions and rework it if required
  • Representation switching
  • Krakatau integration (maybe, I'm not sure)
  • Refactor all that shit!
Patches are welcome...

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Recent change notes

Mac issues should be fixed, plugin made compatible with latest idea