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Oct 11, 2018
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Validate and auto fix source code documentation.
  • Code -> Autodoc file to generate documentation strings for Python.
  • Code -> Autodoc project to generate documentation strings for all files of a project.
  • Settings: Settings -> Tools -> autodoc.

Currently the plugin formats code in Google style, but can read reStructuredText and NumPy style.

NOTE: This release temporarily disables Java support until better implementation.

Current features:

  • Adds missing docstrings.
  • Follows changes in the API signatures and updates 'Args' section.
  • Wraps long lines in docstrings.
  • Supports the following reStructuredText constructions:
    • admonitions
    • block quotes
    • comments
    • definition lists
    • doctests
    • field lists
    • common inline formatting (emphasis, strong emphasis, etc)
    • line blocks
    • lists
    • literal blocks
    • option lists
    • sections.
    Other markup constructions are not supported yet.
  • Understands docstring styles: reStructuredText, Google, NumPy.

Future plans:

  • Configuration support.
  • Format python docstring in NumPy and reStructuredText formats.
  • Support more reStructuredText constructions.
  • Plugin documentation.
  • Support more languages (priority: c/c++, Java).
  • Better reStructuredText support.
  • Class attributes support.
  • Module and its attributes support.
  • Inherited documentation.
  • ...

Recent change notes

  • Platform bundles.
  • Better python 3.x support.
  • UI improvements.
  • Java support is temporarily disabled.
  • Better UI.
  • Usage statistics.
  • MacOS support.
  • Update metadata.
  • Initial release.

General usage instructions

[Code -> Autodoc file] to generate documentation strings for Python. [Code -> Autodoc project] to generate documentation strings for all files of a project.