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Aug 24, 2016
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Add Format Messages.properties action in Edit menu to format the current opened message.property-file.

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Recent change notes

1.0.4 (24/08/2016)
  • Sort keys inside a group
  • Ignore lines with missing value
  • Ignore lines with missing key
1.0.3 (14/04/2016)
  • Add 'formatter:off' on first line
1.0.2 (03/01/2016)
  • Support for all IntelliJ Platform Products
1.0 (02/01/2016)
  • Initial release

General usage instructions

**i18n-Formatter** is a plugin for Intellij IDEA which formats a Message.Properties file Just call *Edit->Format Messages.properties* menu, or *Alt+ Shift+L* shortcut. ##Notes * The property file has to be open in the editor * Formatting consists of three steps: 1. Sort keys 2. Group key by parent key 3. Align values bases on longest key in the group * Groups are separated by new lines * First line includes 'formatter:off' to protect file against the IntelliJ formatter