Android Color Manager

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Mar 30, 2017
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The plugin that manages Android colors. This plugin create a tool windows.

Open "Color Manager" tool window. You will see all colors listed


Drag and Drop

From v1.1.0, this plugin support drag and drop feature.

  • Select a file where you want to drop
  • Drag the color panel
  • Drop where you want to copy the color name/tag

If the selected file is not xml file, then the drop text format is R.color.color_name


If the selected file is xml, then the drop text format is @color/color_name


At this moment, there is no way to detect drop target file's type. So, if you select a xml file and drop text to a Java file, this plugin pastes @color/color_name not R.color.color_name


Right click a color listed on the tool window


Click "Copy R.color.whatever_color_name" or "Copy @color/whatever_color_name"

You can also copy color name ("R.color.whatever_color_name" style) by cmd+c (or ctrl+c) after selecting the color panel

Move to the color definition

Same as Copy. Right click and click "Go to R.color.whatever_color_name"

Or just double click an item

Edit the color code

Click "Edit R.color.whatever_color_name" and choose new color


Delete a color

Same as Copy and move. Right click and click "Delete R.color.whatever_color_name"

It will show confirmation dialog before deleting the color tag.


Just start typing after focusing tool window


Show all colors

As default, this plugin filter library's color because there are a lot.


You can un-filter those by clicking "Filter" icon (It takes a few second to show all colors)


Sort by color name

You can sort by color name by clicking sort icon



Download plugin

Recent change notes


  • Support finding color by color code #40

Older version changes are listed on