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Jan 08, 2019
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NativeScript support.


  • Wizard project creation
  • Run/Debug configuration
  • Local/Cloud Build configuration
  • D&D UI components
  • Code assistance
  • Plugins management
  • Live templates
  • Angular support
  • Vue support

Recent change notes

Version 0.13.0
  • Add platform-specific attribute completion type ios: or android:
  • Add systemIcon position platform completion
Version 0.12.1
  • Fix stackoverflow error on vue.js files
Version 0.12.0
  • Add Better autocompletion for Vue.js and Angular
  • D&D components for vue files
Version 0.11.1
  • Add {N} preview action on the ToolBar Run Group
Version 0.11.0
  • Remove {N} terminal due to api changes, use the new actions instead
  • Add {N} actions(tns preview, add/remove platform...)
Version 0.10.0
  • Add {N} plugin using the Add plugin popup
  • Add support to debug webpack bundled app
Version 0.9.0
  • Add cloud build configuration
Version 0.8.4
  • Add new intention to un-inline css on {N} markup. [Alt]+[Enter] on style css property > un-inline css property
Version 0.8.3
  • Update image generation to the new android folder structure if is used
Version 0.8.2
  • Add environment variables on run configuration
  • Add images path autocomplete in css url
  • Add intention to import image into AppResources from css url
Version 0.8.1
  • Fix minor bugs
Version 0.8.0
  • Add NativeScript Palette ToolWindow allowing to drag and drop UI components
Version 0.7.2
  • Add more templates from MarketPlace(loaded from local files)
  • Add new intention to import image into AppResources and set value
Version 0.7.1
  • Add support for --bundle parameter when version >=3.4.0
  • Add support for analytics
Version 0.7.0
  • Add new build configuration
  • Fix WEB-30441 `Invalid or unexpected token` when `tns generate component`
Version 0.6.2
  • Update plugins management to get data from NativeScript market place
Version 0.6.1
  • Fix default angular typescript project generation
Version 0.6.0
  • New project generator NativeScript CLI
  • New Run/Debug configuration(create or fix already created run configurations)
Version 0.5.9
  • Fix debug with {N} 3.1+ for ios(the debug port is dynamic)
  • Fix list of devices on run configuration for {N} 3.1+
Version 0.5.8
  • Add NativeScript Angular CLI...
  • Install tns nativescript-angular-extension before use
Version 0.5.7
  • Fix project generation(v2017.2)
  • Add official plugin seed #wip
Version 0.5.6
  • Fix autocompletion for vue template
  • Set javascript level when creating new NativeScript vue project
Version 0.5.5
  • Add NativeScript vue template
  • Remove livesync as default option for running configuration
Version 0.5.4
  • Fix minor bugs
Version 0.5.3
  • Add inline css intention
Version 0.5.2
  • Fix minor bugs
Version 0.5.1
  • Fix NativeScript debugger for android
Version 0.5.0
  • Add NativeScript debugger support
  • Known issues:
  • 1. Existing configurations will require recreation. 2. iOS debugging port seems to be non-customisable, Android is customisable, but hardcoded right now. 3. Variables are not gathered automatically on Android (seems like NativeScript bug as they’re not shown in Chrome).
  • Many thanks to Dennis Ushakov and Konstantin Ulitin
Version 0.4.2
  • Add NativeScript console terminal window to run, remove and add Android/iOS platforms
Version 0.4.1
  • fix minor bugs
Version 0.4.0
  • Add custom NativeScript CSS support
  • Add unresolved CSS class intention
Version 0.3.9
  • Add Color validation inspection
  • Add Console filters
  • fix minor bugs
Version 0.3.8
  • Add preview for images/icons in the gutter bar. You can click it to open the image!
Version 0.3.7
  • Add Inline Documentation for NativeScript Markup
  • Add Deprecated Inspection for NativeScript Markup
Version 0.3.6
  • Add flexbox completion support
  • Add background scaling image option for generating splash screen
Version 0.3.5
  • Add run on device configuration
Version 0.3.4
  • Add {N} Images Generation tool powered by
Version 0.3.3
  • Add completion for boolean value in views
Version 0.3.2
  • Add angular advanced seed by Nathan Walker
  • Add code assistance to load image from resources
Version 0.3.1
  • NativeScript UI completion on Angular project for *.tns.html
Version 0.3.0
  • Add Groceries App as project templates
Version 0.2.9
  • Enhanced NativeScript UI completion for Angular2
  • AngularJS live templates Li
Version 0.2.8
  • fix minor bugs
Version 0.2.6
  • NativeScript UI completion on Angular2 HTML component
  • Add {N} Project scope to keep the app directory clean(hide *.js * @NativeScript typescript based project
Version 0.2.5
  • Add some intentions(switch between UpperCamel and lower-hyphen style, add platform specific tag and property)
Version 0.2.4
  • Add more project templates
Version 0.2.3
  • Add plugin management from settings
  • Add local path support to src attribute(Image)
  • Add braces autoclose in xml view
  • Add create run configuration when creating project
Version 0.2.2
  • Add live templates
Version 0.2.1
  • Add goto js function on xml views
Version 0.2.0
  • Inline css support on xml view
  • Add livesync command on run configuration
Version 0.1.1
  • fix:Plugin 'NativeScript' can't be loaded because: Plugin does not include any module dependency tags in its plugin.xml therefore is assumed legacy and can be loaded only in IntelliJ IDEA
Version 0.1.0
  • Initial version
  • Creating project from interface directly base on the templates you choose(default, typescript, angular...), more templates will be added.
  • Run configuration(only emulator)
  • Code Assist for NativeScript views(Auto import of tns.xsd + css Class)
  • General usage instructions

    Create New Projet> Select Static Web> Choose NativeScript > choose your template!