3v4l pl4g1n

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm
Jun 28, 2017
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The plugin allows you to run your code on more than 150 different PHP versions using 3v4l.org. Read more about the website here and support its author if you like the idea. Usage To execute a PHP script you just have to right click on the file and select "3v4l();" from the menu. You could also use the keyboard command Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E (default). The plugin will open your browser with the result of the script on the 3v4l.org website.

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Recent change notes

  • The action now works in a dumb mode.
  • The POST request is updated according to the latest 3v4l.org API changes.
  • Fixed bug: actual editor's content is used instead of file's (can be outdated).
  • Added ability to submit a selected code fragment instead of the whole file.
  • Implemented a simple action to submit an execution request. Default web browser will be opened automatically.