EventBus3 Intellij Plugin

Compatible with Android Studio
Sep 07, 2016
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Provides actions which allow you quickly move around the event bus.(now it only for EventBus 3.x)
  • EventBus.post to @Subscribe or onEventMainThread
  • @Subscribe to EventBus.post
为 EventBus 提供快速索引和跳转(目前只支持 EventBus 3.x 版本)
  • EventBus.post@Subscribe 或者 onEventMainThread
  • @SubscribeEventBus.post

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Recent change notes

Originator did not reply our's issue,I try to let it work.
Fix for EventBus3 new package name

主要BUg修复工作:修改包名和方法名以适应EventBus 3.X