Undo reversible debugging integration

Compatible with CLion
Sep 27, 2017

This plugin integrates Undo’s record, rewind and replay technology for Linux C/C++ applications with CLion.

Using this plugin, you can load and analyse recordings of programs made by Undo's Live Recorder technology within CLion. Live Recorder allows you to make an exact copy of your program's execution, capturing failures in a recording. Recordings can be analysed and debugged on any machine, helping you to capture common bugs as well as intermittent failures and subtle regressions.

The plugin also allows you to use the UndoDB reversible debugger to interactively debug your application in CLion, allowing you to step forwards and backwards inside a running program to find the root cause of a failure.


  • Step through your source code line-by-line, forwards and backwards
  • Jump to any point in your program's history
  • Set watchpoints to detect changes to program variables, even when rewinding
  • Debug live processes or attach to running processes
  • Use a circular buffer for program history, allowing continuous recording

Includes support for:

  • Multi-threaded programs
  • Shared memory
  • Record/replay on different machines
  • x86 and ARM architectures

You can now use all of these features from within CLion, as described in our blog post. Download the plugin from the links provided and try it with a free 30 day trial of Undo's technology by completing this form.

Note that this is a beta release, with known issues as follows:

  1. UndoDB requires you to agree to a set of license terms before using it. It is not currently possible to agree to these terms through the CLion plugin. As a workaround until this issue is resolved, you must start UndoDB from the Linux command line (by running 'undodb-gdb') and follow the instructions to accept the license.
  2. Loading Undo Recordings is only possible once a normal debugging session has started. To load a recording, start a debugging session in the usual manner, then follow the instructions on loading a recording in the Undo documentation.

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Recent change notes

Supports CLion builds 2017.2 and later.

General usage instructions

Please see the documentation.