Web Hooks (tcWebHooks)

Compatible with TeamCity
Oct 18, 2018

The original WebHooks integration plugin for Teamcity. Supports many build states and payload formats.

Release Notes:

See release notes here: https://github.com/tcplugins/tcWebHooks/releases/tag/v1.1-rc1.243.373

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Recent change notes

This release fixes the XML preview display, and adds logging of server response headers and body.
  • Fix for webhook preview when format is XML. Fixes #114
  • Adds logging of the headers and body as returned by the webhook endpoint. This means the responses returned by the server at the webhook URL. Enable DEBUG logging in TeamCity to see these being logged. See #115 for more information.
All stories are now completed for v1.1. Unless any blocker bugs are reported, this release will be re-released as 1.1 final.