Octopus Deploy integration

Compatible with TeamCity
Oct 06, 2016
Allows Octopus Deploy deployments to be triggered after a build.

Download plugin

General usage instructions

Installing the plugin

The plugin is distributed as a ZIP file, and is available from our download page. To install:

1. Download the TeamCity Plugin ZIP file

2. Shut down your TeamCity server

3. Copy the ZIP file with the plugin to <TeamCity Data Directory>/plugins

4. Start TeamCity server: the plugin files will be unpacked and processed automatically

Triggering deployments from TeamCity

The Octopus TeamCity plugin comes with these custom build runners:

Octopus Deploy: Push Packages (Octopus 3.3 and TeamCity plugin 3.3.1 or newer) Push packages to the Octopus Deploy built-in repository, optionally using the TeamCity zip feature to create packages on-the-fly.
Octopus Deploy: Create Release Creates a new release in Octopus Deploy, and optionally deploys it to an environment
Octopus Deploy: Deploy Release Deploys an existing release to a new environment
Octopus Deploy: Promote Release Promotes an existing release from one environment to another.

The plugin is simply a wrapper for Octo.exe, the Octopus command line tool for creating and deploying releases.