Compatible with TeamCity
Oct 06, 2016
A TeamCity plugin that polls Octopus Deploy, and triggers a TeamCity build when:
  • a deployment to an environment is complete
  • a successful deployment to an environment is complete
  • a release is created
  • a new tentacle is added
  • the release process for a project is changed
NOTE: This plugin was written before Octopus subscriptions was released. This plugin polls the Octopus server and therefore puts extra load on it. If possible, you should aim to use subscriptions and web-hooks if possible.

General usage instructions

Download the latest release, and drop it into your /plugins folder. Restart TeamCity.
See TeamCity documentation for more info.
Once the plugin is installed, add one of the triggers to your build.Each trigger requires:
  • the URL to the Octopus server
  • the API Key to use to login to Octopus
  • one or more fields specific to the trigger type (ie, the project to watch, if triggering on deployments)

Once the build is triggered, configuration properties will be added to the build (eg `octopus.trigger.deployment.version` which will contain the version number of the deployment). These can be used to understand what caused the trigger and to take further actions.