Compatible with PhpStorm
Oct 14, 2016
Improve your productivity.

Edit usages - find some statements with PhpStorm and edit it.
Find magic method - detect who is calling your magic methods
Unimport class - revers action of the import class

How to use
GitHub : funivan/PhpStorm-Refactoring-Plugin
Have some question?
Twitter: @funivan

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Recent change notes

Rewrite plugin description. Fix typos

General usage instructions

Find magic methods With this action you can detect Who is calling your magic method.

Edit Usages You can export all usages to the file, edit it and apply changes to all files with the help of this plugin.

UnimportClass Reverse operation of the Import class action. This quick fix is useful when you want to copy your code to another source (ex: send to your friend, copy to examples). More details: