MaxCompute Studio

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion GoLand DataGrip Rider Android Studio
Feb 02, 2018
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MaxCompute is a big data processing platform developed by Alibaba Cloud independently. It is a fast and cloud-based big data solution that supports multiple distributed data storage and processing models, which can provide massive data warehouse and big data modeling service.

MaxCompute Studio is a plugin for IntelliJ platform allowing data developers works with MaxCompute platform including authoring SQL scripts, UDF extensions, MapReduce programs and other functions like local debugging, data browsing and uploading/downloading, job browsing and analytics, etc.

Features include:

  • MaxCompute SQL language support
  • MaxCompute function development
  • MaxCompute data management
  • MaxCompute job management

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Recent change notes

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement:
    • optimize job graph performance and support display table node in operation graph
    • user can execute statement using the gutter icon
    • show builtin function by type
  • Bug Fix:
    • query must end with semicolon
    • select transform python support
    • odps flag duplicate key
    • builtin function annotator show wrong
    • find symbol for builtin function NPE
    • builtin functon CONCAT not shown when code completion

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement:
    • support python UDF develop in external studio version
    • format sql based on OdpsQl code style rule
    • support download complex type and record limit when local run UDF
    • support write unstructured unit test
    • with icon when code completion
    • show line number in query result view
    • order project name in project explorer
  • Bug Fix:
    • ManagedMessageLoader hang by unreachable network
    • should not appear in column context for code completion
    • ddl table and keyword 'IN' not shown for code completion
    • can't bind MaxCompute project with odps_config.ini
    • open specific entity should add table to project explorer if it not exists

Changes in Version

  • Bug Fix:
    • fix import table cause memory rise when data file is big
    • fix editor collapse in statement mode sometimes
    • fix table not shown after project name and dot

Changes in Version 2.8.2:

  • New Features:
    • add table creation editor
    • support open logview by off-line file and save job as off-line file
    • record user sql history when submit script
  • Enhancement:
    • optimize instance detail table sort
    • use - to show I/O records on job graph when job is running
    • 2.0 builtin function document
    • sql editor performance
    • use ak account to create MaxCompute project connection
    • user can edit studio code template
    • auto import maven changes when new MaxCompute java module
    • show column type and function signature when hover the element in sql editor
    • show multi sql query result when submit script in statement mode
  • Bug Fix:
    • fix chinese garbled
    • fix data import bug
    • fix display job operation bug
    • show user original exception message when download resource failed

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement:
    • Hide pot details in Summary(JSON) tab.
    • Optimize project meta sync speed
    • Compile script in background when click graph tab
    • Live template enhancement
    • Enable config for sql editor keyword word-case
    • Optimize memory usage in job detail
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix job graph replay and heat map bug
    • Fixed active job list issue for public projects
    • Fixed testing project connection timeout issue
    • Fix some other bugs

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement:
    • Add IO bytes columns to job detail page
    • More smooth vertical scroll bar
    • Provide default endpoint when add MaxCompute project
    • Update job graph resouce bundle
    • Support zoom in/out function by mouse wheel
    • Truncate long operation message and use tooltip to display detail.
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix wrong display status in job detail page
    • and more...

Changes in Version 2.8.1:

  • New Features:
    • New job detail page integrated with timeline and analysis features
    • Visible table schema editor
    • New job graphs showing execution plan, progress, I/O data, and more.
    • New visual table schema editor
    • Table and function navigation
    • List builtin functions in project explorer
  • Enhancement:
    • Job details UI enhancement
    • Job progress view UI enhancement
    • Better code completion
    • Job queuing list UI enhancement
  • Bugfix:
    • Fix null pointer cased by DS_Store file
    • Fix no Deploy to server menu in windows
    • Fix max_pt function error in script editor
    • and more...

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement:
    • Table data preview grid support sort by type value not literal string
  • Bugfix:
    • Some bug fix

Changes in Version

  • Bugfix:
    • Some bug fix

Changes in Version 2.8.0:

  • New Features:
    • Support new data type import/export
    • Support FAQ Robot in studio
  • Enhancement:
    • Table data import/export enhancement
    • Support manually set tunnel endpoint in adding or modifying project connection
    • New job list view
    • Integrate job queue list with job list view
  • Bugfix:
    • Some bug fix

Changes in Version

  • hotfix: fix issue of not being able to sync project meta data.
  • bugfix: some job explorer ui issues.

Changes in Version 2.7.0:

  • New Features:
    • Jobs: Show waiting instances queue
    • Jobs: Show state transitions of running instances
    • SQL Editor: Go to definition support for udf/table
    • SQL Editor: Code folding and brace matching
    • SQL Editor: Live templates for SQL
    • UDF: Add Maven support for UDF modules
    • UDF: One click to package and deploy UDF to MaxCompute
    • Others: Support external table
    • Others: Show user usage statistics
  • Enhancement:
    • Jobs: Job Explorer supports more filters
    • Jobs: Job list support customized columns
    • Jobs: Better UI and performance
    • Jobs: Graph now supports multiple Fuxi jobs and merge job
    • Jobs: Better graph layout algorithm
    • SQL Editor: Built-in function usage and examples inline help
    • SQL Editor: Show table, function usages in SQL script
    • SQL Editor: Better SQL formatting
    • Project Explorer: Open generated file after data export
  • Bugfix:
    • Submission of modified user SQL in single statement mode
    • Variable submission should not be activated in comments
    • Keyword suggestion breaks after syntax errors
    • Failed to paste text in SQL editor with leading "@@"
    • ClassCastException on LateralView
    • Python UDF cannot be resolved in project explorer
    • Cannot retrieve meta data when access across projects
    • New UDF cannot be listed in project explorer
    • Graph overlapped with script mode
    • Cannot access meta after packaging authentication
    • more minor bugs.

Changes in Version

  • Change: Remove limitation on service mode job submission
  • Bug fix: DDL submission issue on public projects

Changes in Version

  • Change: Update MaxCompute compiler version
  • Bug fix: Can't open help document in IDEA 2016.x

Changes in Version

  • Enhancement: Data preview performance
  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version

  • Bug fixes

Changes in Version 2.6.2:

  • Feature: Unstructured data handler template and examples
  • Feature: Support live template in SQL Editor
  • Feature: Support decimal type in data import/export
  • Feature: Support variable replacement in SQL script on submission
  • Feature: Table partition list and partition data preview
  • Feature: Running job progress visualization and replay
  • Enhancement: Job detail view UI enhancement
  • Enhancement: Job running log view performance enhancement
  • Enhancement: Add contextual help documentation for many dialogs
  • Enhancement: Job execution plan can display input/output table/view now
  • Enhancement: Better formatting of job json summary
  • Bug fixes: fixed some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.1:

  • Fix some bugs

Changes in Version 2.6.0:

  • History job execution replay
  • Script mode submission (experimental feature)
  • Python UDF support (Alibaba internal use only)
  • Java UDF debugging (Alibaba internal use only)
  • D2 integration (Alibaba internal use only)