Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA WebStorm
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Support for developing Flutter applications. Flutter gives developers an easy and productive way to build and deploy cross-platform, high-performance mobile apps on both Android and iOS.

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Recent change notes
  • fix an NPE in the Flutter View when launching an app
  • fix to a use after dispose exception in the Flutter View
  • Flutter tool window badging when active
  • iOS console output folding improvements
  • Flutter reload actions added to main "Run" menu
  • devices menu fixes
  • improved tooltips for pubspec editor notifications
  • fixes to pubspec timestamp checking
  • analytics events for run, debug, and process stop
  • fix to `flutter doctor` to better support multiple runs
  • fix to the reload action for apps launched from 'run'
  • fix button enablement in the Flutter View
  • fix the reload action for apps launched from 'run'
  • added a 'Flutter' view to allow users to toggle Flutter framework debugging features while running
  • fixes to the visibility of the "Tools" menu
  • inspection to detect pubspec modifications (that may imply out of date package dependencies)
  • key bindings fixes
  • support for opening source folders as Flutter projects (using "Open...")
  • run and debug button enablement fixes
  • fix to bring iOS simulator to front on run/debug
  • fix to handle devfs breakpoints for projects without pubspecs
  • improve handling of breakpoints for the bazel launch config
  • fixed race condition in console reporting on project creation
  • improved interaction between Flutter and Dart plugins during project creation (no more unnecessary nags to run pub)
  • improvements to version checking
  • settings UI refinements
  • new "Help > Flutter Plugin" top-level menu
  • added reload/restart actions in the main toolbar
  • improved console folding for iOS messages
  • fixed NPE in project creation
  • improved console output folding when running iOS apps
  • actions for Flutter package get and package update
  • a new top level Flutter menu (Tools>Flutter) with common Flutter actions
  • updated hot reload and restart icons
  • editor annotations showing Flutter colors and icons in the editor ruler
  • better console filtering (less noise)
  • improved detection of Flutter projects missing a Flutter module type
  • reload and restart keybinding mapping fixes
  • new buttter bar with actions for flutter.yaml files
  • "run" behavior re-designed to support reload
  • improved console output for reloading and restarting
  • miscellaneous fixes and stability improvements
  • console filtering for flutter run output
  • improved messaging for incomplete Flutter SDK configirations
  • support for new application events produced by Flutter tools
  • fixed duplicate service protocol console logging
  • Flutter run configuration cleanup
  • fixed NPE in showing progress from Flutter tools tasks
  • migration away from storing Flutter SDK location in an application library
  • removed an exception notification when we receive unknown events from the flutter tools
  • first public release
  • notifications for projects that look like Flutter apps but do not have Flutter enabled
  • improved Flutter preference UI and SDK configuration
  • IDEA version constraints to ensure that the plugin cannot be installed in incompatible IDEA versions
  • fixed device selector filtering
  • removed second (redundant) "open observatory" button
  • filtering to ensure the Flutter device selector only appears for Flutter projects
  • fixed hangs on app re-runs
  • initial alpha release