Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Feb 20, 2019
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Support for developing Flutter applications. Flutter gives developers an easy and productive way to build and deploy cross-platform, high-performance mobile apps for both Android and iOS. Installing this plugin will also install the Dart plugin.

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Recent change notes


  • add menu and toolbar button to open Flutter DevTools
  • fix Gradle sync issue for Android Studio 3.3.1
  • fix highlighting of the Go link in sample banner


  • update build for Android Studio 3.3.1
  • reorder console filters so links work
  • more intelligently enable support for detaching from Flutter apps on exit
  • change the icon used for paint baselines
  • prevent bazel test run configurations from generating in a non-bazel workspace
  • support 2019.1 eap
  • mention 'Dart' in the plugin description
  • correct the bazel output for debugging bazel tests
  • simplify the bazel parameters we pass to Bazel Run configurations
  • pin flutter error events in the log
  • propagate node selections to inspector
  • link support for log data entries
  • fix category cell rendering
  • add sample creation banner
  • add sample apps to Android Studio New Project Wizard
  • update log entry data badge


  • address an NPE in FlutterWidgetPerfManager.java
  • added overlay renderered for GC, snapshot and memory reset events
  • consolidated all adt-ui API changes in FlutterStudioMonitorStageView
  • support for creating projects w/ sample content from the IDEA New Project Wizard
  • basic ansi color support for entries in the Flutter Logging View
  • restore log level combo to the Logging View
  • support to fill in truncated log entries
  • add keyboard shortcut for widget extraction
  • add debugPaint and debugAllowBanner icons
  • add repaint rainbow icon
  • handle cases where script.tokenPosTable is null
  • auto-hide details pane
  • guard against disposed when querying project type
  • fix an issue with escaped test names
  • refactor service extensions and set button text based on extension state
  • shorten message for debug mode perf disclaimer
  • listen for ServiceExtensionStateChanged events
  • restore service extension states from device on start and attach
  • don't use LOG.error()
  • refactor the Bazel Test configuration to support running tests on a single file or a single test
  • fix enabled/disabled text for service extensions
  • fix NPE in bazel config


  • fix NPE in sdk installation (#2965)
  • fix NPE caused by internal inconsistency (#2963)


  • show memory profiler legend with proper line chart color or line style
  • prevent the (IntelliJ) New Project wizard from completing when there is no Flutter SDK
  • fix a race condition causing unexpected conditions in attach
  • added control of RSS display to memory profiler
  • when running the flutter doctor command, use the -v flag
  • make attach use selected device


  • perf table polish and fix links to tip docs
  • fix Split Mode resize issue
  • rebuild stats wording tweaks


  • change FPS display to "Frame Rendering Time" and improve UI
  • reorganize inspector tools
  • better error reporting for Flutter runtime issues
  • fewer Flutter runtime issues
  • updated icons for Material and Cupertino
  • searchable preferences/settings
  • added refactoring to outline view: extract widget
  • new menu item to run 'flutter make-host-app-editable'
  • code cleanup and bug fixes


  • performance inspector changes
  • log view tweaks
  • memory profiler updates
  • support 'flutter attach' in the IDE (both IJ and AS)
  • support offline project creation in the AS wizard
  • code cleanup and bug fixes


  • address an issue with an NPE when debugging


  • add 'Wrap with Container' to preview
  • fix test navigation
  • clear log on restart
  • experimental memory profiler; enable in preferences
  • build for 2018.3 EAP
  • bug fixes


  • build for Android Studio 3.3 Canary and 3.2 Beta
  • add UI support for importing Flutter modules into Android apps
  • add more details to logging output
  • bug fixes


  • change the preference for --track-widget-creation to default to off


  • add a setting to control syncing Android libraries
  • fixes related to evaluating expressions when not on a call frame
  • auto-disable scroll to end when the user manually scrolls the log up
  • add the "module" template to new-module and project wizards in Android Studio
  • improve copy / paste in the Logging View
  • some tweaks to the open in Android Studio functionality
  • validate android package names
  • add Android module libraries to Flutter projects
  • validate org in the project wizard
  • default log coloring to on and update logger defaults
  • fix log entry browser links
  • support hyperlinks in flutter console log
  • add InheritedWidget and Stateful Widget with Animation live templates
  • lower case the log level names


  • updates to support Android Studio 3.2 Beta
  • removes the Inspector's empty content message
  • support setting log color from flutter log settings page
  • support hiding/showing log categories (#2398)
  • add flutter log color settings page (#2394)
  • change the default for the open inspector setting
  • look for the emulator tool in the 'emulator/' directory first (#2383)
  • support filtering by log level (#2380)
  • fix the flutter log view while resizing (#2379)
  • log entry coloring (#2382)
  • log tree rendering refactor (#2381)
  • for BazelRunConfig launches, print the command-line to the console (#2368)
  • refactor the Flutter debugging client code (#2359)
  • support match case/regex filter in log view (#2350)
  • fix auto-scroll to catch up to fully rendered log tree (#2342)
  • use the log category name from the dart:developer event (#2339)
  • fix-up missing create project mnemonics (#2326)
  • handle reload errors (#2321)
  • fixes for the native editor banner


  • remove the user preference to disable --preview-dart-2
  • don't use 'new' for the stless, stfull, stanim templates
  • add support for IntelliJ 2018.2 EAP (#2270)
  • added a new (very experimental) logging view
  • update the extract widget refactoring visibility (#2251)
  • launch a simulator device if none is running (#2234)
  • improvements to the preview view on Windows (#2239)
  • open the selected file for editing when opening a new project (#2236)
  • open selected file when launching Android Studio (#2230)
  • add a command bar to editors that can open in a native-code editor (#2216)
  • rename full restart to hot restart (#2225)


  • fix the --track-widget-creation flag implementation on Windows
  • fix for an exception in the Outline view on older Flutter SDKs


  • update Flutter icons
  • fix an exception when the selection changes and the outline view isn't visible
  • fix for an issue with reload on save in profile runs
  • fix for a 2017.3 issue with a 'no running apps' message in the inspector


  • inspector: significant UI refactoring to show the tree in a master / details format

  • inspector: add a 'Performance' tab to the Inspector, to show application FPS and memory usage

  • inspector: fix issues turning --track-widget-creation on and off

  • inspector: handle apps with multiple isolates in the inspector

  • live preview: suggest 'Add forDesignTime() constructor' for widgets

  • live preview: make the preview area smaller if the widget is not renderable

  • live preview: fixes to make outline preview working on Windows

  • live preview: sort children outlines by their RenderObject.depth during preview

  • simplify how we recognize Flutter projects when using Bazel

  • fix the "Open in Android Studio" action to not show for the ios dir

  • add an option to create projects in “offline” mode

  • better support for using multiple Flutter modules per IntelliJ project

  • improvments to the "Open in XCode…" menu item

  • better support for importing Flutter projects

  • several fixes for issues with using resources that had been disposed

  • add local history labels on reloads and restarts

  • have the 'reloading...'' notification timeout after the reload completes

  • improved support of running in --profile mode

  • expose the new 'Extract Widget' refactoring


  • updated some Bazel breakpoint logic


  • disabled an Android facet's ALLOW_USER_CONFIGURATION setting, to address a continuous indexing issue


  • outline view: removed the experimental flag
  • outline view: filter the outline view to only show widgets by default
  • inspector: several stability and polish improvements
  • inspector: now supports inspecting multiple running apps at the same time
  • we now show material icons and colors in code completion (requires 2017.3 or AS 3.1)
  • running and debugging flutter test adding for Bazel launch configurations
  • added an 'Extract method' refactoring
  • the preview dart 2 flag can now accept the SDK default, be set to on, or set to off
  • Android Studio: we now support 3.1
  • Android Studio: fixed an issue where Android Studio was indexing frequently
  • experimental: added a live sparkline of the app's memory usage
  • experimental: added a live preview area in the Outline view
  • experimental: added the ability to format (and organize imports) on save


  • when installing the Flutter SDK, use the 'beta' channel instead of 'dev'


  • when installing the Flutter SDK, use the 'dev' channel instead of 'alpha'
  • fix an issue with the Flutter Outline view on Windows


inspector view:

  • support for multiple running applications
  • basic speed search for the Inspector Tree
  • restore flutter framework toggles after a restart
  • expose the observatory timeline view (the dashboard version) (#1744)
  • live update of property values triggered each time a flutter frame is drawn. (#1721)
  • enum property support and tweaks to property display. (#1695)
  • HD inspector Widgets (#1682)
  • restore inspector splitter position (#1676)
  • open the inspector view at app launch (#1670)

outline view:

  • rename 'Add widget padding' assist to 'Add padding' (#1771)
  • bind actions to move widget down/up. (#1768)
  • rename 'Replace with children' to 'Remove widget'. (#1764)
  • add action for 'Replace with children' assist. (#1759)
  • update messages for wrapping with Column/Row. (#1745)
  • add icons and actions for wrapping into Column and Row. (#1743)
  • show build() methods in bold (#1731)
  • associate the Center action with the corresponding Quick Assist. (#1726)
  • navigate from source to Preview view. (#1710)
  • add speed search to the Preview view. (#1696)
  • add basic Flutter Preview view. (#1678)


  • support 2018.1 EAP
  • no longer build for 2017.2


  • fix for displaying the flutter icon for flutter modules
  • fix for issue 1772, Switch Bazel flag for launching apps (#1775)
  • add support for displaying flutter color shades in the editor ruler (#1770)
  • add a flag to enable --preview-dart-2 (#1709)
  • smarts to run flutter build before trying open Xcode (#1373). (#1694)
  • harden error reporting on iOS simulator start failures (#1647). (#1681)


  • Fix an NPE when the Flutter SDK version file contains the text 'unknown'


  • Fix an NPE when reading the Flutter SDK version file


  • select an existing config at launch
  • fix test discovery for plugin example tests
  • fix discovery of tests in example subdirs
  • improve pub root detection for flutter tests
  • actionable “restart” debugging console output
  • improve console hyperlinking for local files
  • fix run config autoselection for plugin projects
  • for non-bazel project configurations, don't show the FlutterBazelRunConfigurationType
  • update FlutterViewCondition to be bazel project aware
  • remove the preference for the Inspector view (it's now on by default)
  • rename the Flutter view to Flutter Inspector
  • clean up of the Flutter Inspector View icons
  • show color properties with a nice color swatch icons
  • add a notification for reloaded but not run elements
  • show flutter material icons in the inspector
  • for Bazel launch configurations, update the android_cpu architecture type from armeabi to armeabi-v7a


  • improved console filtering
  • improved unit test running support to allow running package:flutter tests
  • improved "Open with Xcode..." logic to work better for plugin projects
  • fixed project creation to properly respect custom creation options (such as target language)
  • fixed an NPE sometimes encountered when deleting projects


  • Bazel run configuration updates


  • fixed an issue with reload when multiple project windows are open
  • fixed running Flutter tests in nested groups
  • fixed miscellaneous project wizard issues
  • fix to ensure we don't create Flutter library entries for non-Flutter projects
  • fixed project name validation in the new project creation wizard to be more performant
  • fixed project opening to only open main.dart if no other editors are open
  • fix to limit Flutter icon contributions to Flutter projects
  • reload on save updated to ignore errors in test files
  • IDEA EAP support
  • fix to give restarted apps focus on iOS
  • miscellaneous Android Studio support fixes
  • fixed check for Flutter tests to not mis-identify vanilla Dart tests
  • improved error reporting on project creation failures


  • Revert to 18.1 to address an NPE in the FlutterInitializer class
  • fixed an issue where reload on save could not be disabled


  • fixed a build problem that prevented the Android Studio plugin from creating projects


  • fixed an issue where reload on save could not be disabled
  • fixed an exception that could occur on project creation


  • fixed hot reload issue when multiple project windows were open
  • fixed 'Open Observatory timeline' action


  • Android Studio support
  • for flutter launches, support passing in a --flavor param
  • reload on save now on by default
  • improved and reorganized the Flutter view's toolbar
  • analysis toast provides a new hyperlink to open the analysis view
  • reloads disallowed while another reload is taking place
  • support to show referenced flutter plugin in the project view


  • improved new project wizard
  • improvements to the reload-on-save behavior
  • improved and reorganized the Flutter view's toolbar
  • fixes to the Flutter icon decorations in the editor ruler
  • fixes to group handling for widget tests
  • display a ballon toast if there are analysis issues when running apps
  • added a toggle inspect mode toolbar button
  • speed improvements to the device switcher pulldown


  • device list refresh fixes
  • support for flutter run in profile and release modes
  • support for reading the android sdk location from flutter tools
  • support for discovering and running Flutter widget tests
  • Flutter test console improvements
  • support for running flutter doctor in a Bazel workspace
  • test file icon annotations
  • support for locating a missing flutter SDK in .packages files
  • open emulator action sorting
  • test state icons for Flutter tests
  • editor line markers for Flutter tests
  • added a new restart daemon action
  • open emulator action sorting
  • run/debug button enablement improvements
  • fix to ensure the Install SDK… action is always visible
  • support for running a single Flutter test, by name
  • install creation progress UI fixes
  • project creation fixes for small IDEs
  • fixes to android emulator launching


  • fix for an exception in the new project wizard in WebStorm (#1234)


  • fix for a file watching related NPE on build systems using Bazel (#1191)


  • UI for starting android emulators from the device pull-down
  • workflow for installing a Flutter SDK from the New Flutter Project wizard
  • Flutter SDK configuration inspection improvements
  • improved error reporting on project creation failures
  • improved app reload feedback
  • Flutter View toolbar tweaks
  • initial support for running unit tests with flutter test
  • new action to open iOS resources in Xcode


  • user toggleable option to enable more verbose debug logging of Flutter app runs
  • fixes to the new Flutter Module workflow
  • improved console logging on Flutter app termination
  • improved error reporting on Observatory connection and Flutter View open failures
  • removed Flutter SDK settings from default projects
  • improved project name validation (to align with checks in flutter create)
  • console hyperlinks for Xcode resources
  • fix to inherit Android JDK setting when creating Flutter projects
  • fix to ensure Flutter console filtering is only applied to Flutter consoles
  • improved device daemon interop
  • improved SDK version checking


  • project opening improvements
  • new action to open the Flutter view
  • module name validation on creation
  • fix to ensure all open files are saved to disk before running Flutter actions
  • improved progress reporting during calls to 'flutter create'
  • miscellaneous fixes and analytics improvements


  • small IDE support improvements
  • android module enablement on project creation
  • project explorer icon customizations
  • support for Flutter drop frame debugging
  • hot reload UX improvements
  • Bazel run config refinements
  • support for toggling OS in the Flutter View
  • Flutter CLI interop fixes (proper env setup)
  • color icon improvements
  • bump to require 2017.1+


  • fix an issue with enabling Dart support for modules from the Flutter settings page


  • support for IDEA 2017.1
  • new Flutter stless, stful, and stanim live templates
  • new assists for editing the widget hierarchy:
    • move widget up or down
    • re-parent widget or list of widgets
    • convert child: keyword to children:
  • support for specifying "Additional Args" to Flutter application launches
  • default run configuration creation on project open (when possible)
  • device menu improvements
  • miscellaneous bug fixes

  • fix an NPE in the Flutter View when launching an app

  • fix to a use after dispose exception in the Flutter View


  • Flutter tool window badging when active
  • iOS console output folding improvements
  • Flutter reload actions added to main "Run" menu
  • devices menu fixes
  • improved tooltips for pubspec editor notifications


  • fixes to pubspec timestamp checking
  • analytics events for run, debug, and process stop
  • fix to flutter doctor to better support multiple runs
  • fix to the reload action for apps launched from 'run'

  • fix button enablement in the Flutter View
  • fix the reload action for apps launched from 'run'


  • added a 'Flutter' view to allow users to toggle Flutter framework debugging features while running
  • fixes to the visibility of the "Tools" menu
  • inspection to detect pubspec modifications (that may imply out of date package dependencies)
  • key bindings fixes
  • support for opening source folders as Flutter projects (using "Open...")
  • run and debug button enablement fixes
  • fix to bring iOS simulator to front on run/debug
  • fix to handle devfs breakpoints for projects without pubspecs

  • improve handling of breakpoints for the bazel launch config


  • fixed race condition in console reporting on project creation
  • improved interaction between Flutter and Dart plugins during project creation (no more unnecessary nags to run pub)
  • improvements to version checking
  • settings UI refinements
  • new "Help > Flutter Plugin" top-level menu
  • added reload/restart actions in the main toolbar
  • improved console folding for iOS messages
  • fixed NPE in project creation


  • improved console output folding when running iOS apps
  • actions for Flutter package get and package update
  • a new top level Flutter menu (Tools>Flutter) with common Flutter actions
  • updated hot reload and restart icons
  • editor annotations showing Flutter colors and icons in the editor ruler
  • better console filtering (less noise)
  • improved detection of Flutter projects missing a Flutter module type


  • reload and restart keybinding mapping fixes
  • new butter bar with actions for flutter.yaml files
  • "run" behavior re-designed to support reload
  • improved console output for reloading and restarting
  • miscellaneous fixes and stability improvements


  • console filtering for flutter run output
  • improved messaging for incomplete Flutter SDK configurations
  • support for new application events produced by Flutter tools
  • fixed duplicate service protocol console logging
  • Flutter run configuration cleanup
  • fixed NPE in showing progress from Flutter tools tasks
  • migration away from storing Flutter SDK location in an application library

  • removed an exception notification when we receive unknown events from the flutter tools


  • first public release


  • notifications for projects that look like Flutter apps but do not have Flutter enabled
  • improved Flutter preference UI and SDK configuration
  • IDEA version constraints to ensure that the plugin cannot be installed in incompatible IDEA versions


  • fixed device selector filtering


  • removed second (redundant) "open observatory" button
  • filtering to ensure the Flutter device selector only appears for Flutter projects
  • fixed hangs on app re-runs


  • initial alpha release