Compatible with Rider
May 18, 2017
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Unity support for Rider.

Please make sure to add the Unity3dRider plugin to your Unity project.


  • Highlights Unity event functions and fields with an icon in the editor gutter.
  • Marks fields and methods implicitly used by Unity as in use.
  • Knows about all Unity script classes (MonoBehaviour, ScriptableObject, EditorWindow, etc).
  • Marks empty event methods as dead code.
  • Supports Unity API 5.0 - 5.6, and 2017.1
  • Inspections and Quick Fixes for incorrect event function method signature and return types.
  • Support for undocumented functions such as OnValidate and OnPreGeneratingCSProjectFiles.
  • Warns if a coroutine return value is unused.
  • Context action to convert event function method signature to/from coroutine.
  • Use Generate Code to create event functions, with parameters.
  • Start typing for automatic completion of event function declarations in a class.
  • Event function descriptions for methods and parameters displayed in tooltips and QuickDoc.
  • Creates, deletes and renames .meta files automatically when refactoring.
  • Code completion, find usages and rename support for Invoke, InvokeRepeating, IsInvoking and CancelInvoke. Also Start/StopCoroutine.
  • Inspection and Quick Fix to use CompareTag instead of string comparison.
  • Inspection and Quick Fix for using new with ScriptableObject or MonoBehaviour.
  • "Create serialized field" from usage Quick Fix.
  • Suppress naming consistency checks on event functions.
  • Prevent ReSharper from suggesting Assets or Scripts as part of the namespace of your code.
  • Automatically sets Unity projects to C# 4 or C# 6. No more suggestions for features that won't compile!
  • Highlights UnityEngine.Color and Color32. Edit via colour palette quick fix.
  • Treats Unity debug assertions as assertion methods in ReSharper control flow analysis.
  • String formatting assistance for debug log methods.
  • Regex assistance for EditorTestsWithLogParser.ExpectLogLineRegex.
  • Types and type members marked with UnityEngine.Networking attributes are marked as in use.
  • Code completion, find usages and rename support for SyncVarAttribute hook function.
  • Inspections for incorrect SyncVarAttribute usage.
  • Marks empty event functions as dead code, with Quick Fix to remove.
  • Automatically excludes large Library and Temp folders from Rider's text index.
  • Creates "Attach to Unity Editor" run configuration to attach the debugger to the Editor.


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Update plugin to be compatible with the latest Rider EAP22