CND Language / Jahia Framework

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA Android Studio
Aug 04, 2017
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Jahia logo CND Language / Jahia Framework

definitions.cnd files syntax highlighting, code completion, and other amazing stuff.

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

Java 8 needed

See the plugin Github project for detailed features list.

CND Language
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Syntax checking and error highlighting
  • Code completion
  • Code formatting
  • Find usages
  • Go to declaration
  • Refactoring
  • File icon CND file icon
  • Line markers namespace nodetype mixin property
  • Code folding
  • Brace matching
  • Commenter

Jahia Framework

Compatible with Jahia versions 6.6.x & 7.x

CND files features:
  • Helpers/Quickfixes (alt+enter on nodetype name)
    • Create nodetype and nodetype properties translations
    • Create new view
  • Nodetype folders icon in Project View view folder
  • View files grouping view folder
  • Completion and other features on Jahia nodetypes (embedded Jahia base and main modules .cnd files)

Other files/languages features:
  • JSP / Java / XML
    • Nodetypes usages highlighting & line markers
    • Nodetypes completion
    • Go to nodetype declaration
    • Unknown nodetype error highlighting
    • Create nodetype quickfix
  • Properties (resource bundles)
    • Translations keys syntax highlighting & line markers for namespaces, nodetypes and properties
    • Translations keys nodetypes and properties completion
    • Go to namespace, nodetype or property declaration from translations keys (ctrl-click/cmd-click)
    • Error message if adding translations for a choicelist on a non-choicelist property

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Recent change notes

Fixed several issues occurring when several Jahia IntelliJ projects are opened at the same time. Fixed several issues occurring when current IntelliJ project contains several Jahia modules.