Restore Sql for iBatis/MyBatis

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Jun 30, 2017
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iBatis/MyBatis Log Plugin
Restore the ibatis/mybatis generate sql to original whole sql.
It will generate sql statements with replace ? to the really param value.
Through the "Tools -> Tail restore sql in Console" menu you can tail the sql log.
You can selected the "Filter" button on the left to filter the contents don't wanna display.
You can selected the "Format Sql" button on the left to format the generate sql statements.
You can select the console sql log and right click "Restore Sql for Selection" menu to restore sql.
Prerequisite: sql log must contain "Preparing:" and "Parameters:"
把 ibatis/mybatis 输出的sql日志还原成完整的sql语句。
将日志输出的sql语句中的问号 ? 替换成真正的参数值。
通过 "Tools -> Tail restore sql in Console" 菜单或快捷键 "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+O" 启用。
点击窗口左边的 "Filter" 按钮,可以过滤不想要输出的sql语句。
点击窗口左边的 "Format Sql" 按钮,可以格式化输出的sql语句。
选中console的sql日志,右击 "Restore Sql for Selection" 菜单可以还原sql语句。

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Sorry to update so frequently to fixed the new bug. 最近更新了匹配规则,导致新产生了几个小bug,所有版本更新了频繁了些,敬请谅解。

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Deprecation notice (October 2017)
This project is now deprecated
Please refer to [MyBatis Log Plugin]( for a more relevant and up-to-date usable project on how to restore mybatis sql log.