[JedIDE] Plugin for handy Force.com development with JetBrains IDEs

Compatible with: IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm RubyMine AppCode CLion Gogland Rider Android Studio
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JedIDE is a SalesForce Apex IDE and plugin for IntelliJ platform. JedIDE simplifies development and deployment of Apex, VisualForce and other Force.com metadata types. JedIDE is available in two versions:
  • as a IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • standalone IDE based on IDEA Community Edition


The following features are available:
  • Offline validation (robust parser, type inference, detects unresolved references)
  • Incremental deploy/retrieve, smart check deploy conflicts
  • Code insight (Inspections, Intentions, Quick Fixes, Refactorings, Live Templates, Safe delete)
  • Rename refactorings
  • Code completion (postfix, statements, punctuation, type inference based)
  • Powerful navigation (Find In Path, Find Usages, Go To, Show Hierarchy)
  • Execute anonymous
  • Test framework
  • Log viewer
  • Code generation utils
  • Code coverage
  • Foldings
  • Structure view
  • Code formatting

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Recent change notes


  • Lighting:
    • preview support
    • ability to reformat lightning code
    • smart creation of lightning components
    • resolve/completion/validation for lightning custom components and their attributes
    • fix red code for `aura:id` and 'body' lightning attributes
    • resolve/completion/validation for component attribute names: 'extends', 'implements'
    • resolve/validation/completion for Apex classes as controllers of Lightning components/applications, in particular: aura:application@controller, aura:component@controller
    • renaming 'lightning' component now renames root folder and all child files
    • resolve/completion/validation for '@AuraEnabled' annotation
    • Lightning expressions - syntax support
    • resolve/completion/validation for enumerated attribute types (like aura:application@access)
    • validation/resolve/completion for aura:attribute@type
  • Visualforce:
    • Visualforce expressions - syntax support
    • resolve/completion/validation for enumerated attribute types (like apex:attribute@access)
    • 'apex:componentBody' tag support
  • Deploy/Retrieve:
    • more robust workaround for managed packages. Catching problems caused by timeout and 'SymbolTable == null' (read more info here https://youtrack.jedide.com/issue/JedIDE-130)
    • improved filter for undeployed changes
    • fixed few problems caused by deploy lightning bundles
    • failed ApexVcs commit/deploy now is not reported as succeed with false positive notification "X files committed"
    • info about failed files and compilation errors is shown when commit/deploy failed
    • possibilities to manually revert the ApexVcs local project changes to the remote org state after each of the retrieve operations
    • apex-timestamp index is cleared now on 'Accept Local State as Server State' action
  • Test Framework:
    • 'nextRecordsUrl' support in code coverage
    • fix: local test with compilation issues is not replaced by the remote version during execution
  • Rename:
    • ability to rename source root directory (unpackaged -> src)
  • Offline Validation:
    • method parameter mismatch is reported as “method(Type) in XXX cannot be applied to (OtherType)” instead of just “Method not Found”
  • Code Insight:
    • inplace parameter name is shown (Parameter Info)
  • Code Generation:
    • allowed to customize field name prefix for code generation
  • Completion:
    • specific marker for required SObject fields in completion popup
  • Bugfix:
    • project creation block with 'Local changes refresh' progress
    • wrong path added as ApexVCS root on SF module addition to an existing IDEA project
    • invalid VCS root mapping 'The directory $PROJECT\new-project is registered as a ApexVCS root, but no ApexVCS repositories were found there.'
    • AssertionError on retrieve of server-modified file to local file, modified in Git and not modified in ApexVCS
    • 'Can not save repository change for not indexed file ...' error at attempt to deploy
    • false positive "Missing required attribute" warning for 'required' attribute in 'apex:attribute'
    • failing 'Change signature | Add parameter silently'
    • failing create component dialog on attempt to create a component with existing name
    • double quoted string is not treated as bad character anymore, but parsed. Fix to convert it to single quoted string is suggested
    • merge behavior for binary files
    • field rename doesn't cause renaming of metadata file anymore