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Sep 29, 2017
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Measure the pain you experience during development, and find out how variations in development technique, code design, and disruptions affect the pain you experience. Intended to be used with the IdeaFlowDX Profiler tools that help you categorize problems with simple #hashtags and add up the pain. MVP Release 6/1/2017

Recent change notes

Simplified buttons and cleaned up messages asked with PAIN/AWESOME event prompts.

General usage instructions

The Idea Flow Mapping plugin measures the "friction" that occurs during developer experience to help developers reflect on their experiences and learn faster with objective data. To use the plugin: After installing, you'll need to configure Preferences > Idea Flow and configure the API url, and API key to connect to an ideaflow server. You can use the server at or install a local server from To get an API-Key for, you'll need to request a key by emailing After the server is configured, create a new task from the drop down, and click the unpause button to start recording. All data being sent to the server is spooled to the $HOME/.ideaflow directory.