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Nov 02, 2017
IntelliJ-Idea Plugin to create, edit and delete Issues from Mantis BugTracker!

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Recent change notes

  • Add ToolWindow to
    • add Issues
    • edit Issues
    • delete Issues
    • add notes to Issues
    • add attachments to Issues
  • Add Settings-Screen to connect to MantisBT-Installation
  • Add Context-Menu-Entry to mark text as Bug and add to new Issue
  • Add Context-Menu-Entry to add document as Attachment to new Issue
  • change settings and test connection without pressing apply before
  • solve bug: no settings at the beginning
  • improve View
  • add new projects
  • create changeLogs
  • add tags
  • add support for every intellij-platform
  • solve the issue with access-levels
  • enables showing only several issues (loads a bit faster)
  • show custom fields in issues
  • filter issues
  • get and set profiles
  • create new issue from todo in code
  • close todo-issue with shortcut
  • open todo-issue in browser
Notice: If you update to this version, you will have to retype your credentials! 1.0
  • solve Bugs