Arma IntelliJ Plugin

Compatible with IntelliJ IDEA
Feb 13, 2018
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NOTICE: this plugin is not intended for C/C++ Development.

Arma IntelliJ Plugin provides support for the SQF scripting language used in the video game Arma 3.
Some of the most notable plugin features are:

  • Full command syntax analysis
  • Type checking
  • Config function auto-completion
  • Code and file templates
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Arma Addon Indexing Support

Arma IntelliJ Plugin is also bundled with Arma Dialog Creator. You can launch it via Tools->Arma Dialog Creator

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Recent change notes


Version 2.0.0 features a nearly complete rewrite of the plugin. The plugin should be more stable, faster, and efficient. This version is also the first first to have Arma Dialog Creator bundled with it. I hope you enjoy this splendid release!

Change Notes


  • Breadcrumbs to SQF
  • full type checking for SQF (including arrays)
  • full syntax checking for SQF
  • case insensitivity for all commands and variables in SQF
  • a better preprocessor for SQF
  • fully implemented preprocessor for Header/Config files
  • better addon support (config.h files are now parsed)
  • configurable syntax highlighting for SQF control structure commands (if, then, etc)
  • implemented tests for plugin builds to ensure code consistency and reliability


  • Rewrote the plugin for optimization and code clarity purposes
  • removed Arma Color Picker since there is Arma Dialog Creator
  • all SQF command documentation now has the Notes section from the wiki
  • updated all command definitions and documentation to 1.78
  • heavily optimized code inspections
  • The Variable and Magic variable icons have changed to match default syntax highlighting colors

Known Issues

  • #include paths don't quite work when using \ as the path starter.