AEM IntelliJ Plugin

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Jan 25, 2018
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Intellij Platform plugin for Adobe Experience Manager

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  • HTL/Sightly support (HTML files under jcr_root directory)
    • syntax validation and highlighting
    • autocompletion, inspections and documentation for:
      • block attributes (data-sly-*)
      • global objects (properties, currentPage, wcmmode, etc.)
      • properties (jcr:title, cq:lastModified, sling:resourceType, etc.)
      • built-in expression options (context, addSelector, i18n, etc.)
      • display contexts (html, scriptToken, unsafe, etc.)
      • use objects (Use API objects and Sling Models)
      • block variables (eg. data-sly-use.variable)
      • template parameters (eg. data-sly-template.myTemplate="${ @ param1, param2}")

If you find the plugin helpful and it boosts your productivity, please consider PayPal donation, so I can stay motivated and provide new features faster.

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Recent change notes

  • improved typing experience by providing more completions inspection, quick fixes, etc.
  • improved HTL syntax highlighting
  • parsing optimizations and improvements
  • stability improvements (code coverage increased to 76%)
  • bug fixes
Full release details can be found on Github: